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Benefits of Company Registration in Kuwait

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If you are looking for company registration in Kuwait, then the Helpline Group is ready to help you. The production of oil and the income from investing its oil revenues abroad are the mainstays of Kuwait’s economy. This makes Kuwait a very affluent country and enables the administration to provide its inhabitants with a number of perks. 100% foreign ownership, ten-year tax reductions, and exemption from tax and customs charges on imports necessary for direct investment are all benefits for businesses that invest in Kuwait.

Businesses that make investments in Kuwait are eligible for 100% foreign ownership, ten-year tax reductions, and exemptions from tax and customs duties on imports necessary for direct investment. The stable government, strategic location near other Gulf markets, welcoming environment for visitors, affordable business costs, and the Kuwaiti dinar are all advantages of the Kuwaiti market.

Kuwait business registration

Without complete knowledge of Kuwait’s trade and investment policies, legal and regulatory requirements, employment issues, tax laws, and regulations, new company registration there is quite challenging.

According to Kuwait’s Commercial Companies Law (CCL), shareholders’ responsibility is only as great as the amount of share capital they have deposited.

One cannot start a company formation in Kuwait without a Kuwaiti sponsor. At least 51% of the company shares must be owned by the Kuwaiti partner. According to The Foreign Direct Investment Law No. 8/2001, a foreign company can start a company in Kuwait without having a Kuwaiti partner. Yet because of Kuwaiti law’s tight restrictions, only large international firms are advised to use it.

Benefits of company registration in Kuwait

Here are some of the benefits of public or private company registration in Kuwait.

  1. World-class infrastructural facilities – This would encompass contemporary architecture, raw materials, and other kinds of infrastructure. Kuwait has a strong financial system, which draws all kinds of foreign investors to the nation.
  2. Oil and Gas Industries – Kuwait’s oil and gas industry has been developing since the 1930s. More than half of Kuwait’s Economy is generated by this industry. The sixth-largest crude oil exporter in the world is Kuwait.
  3. Favorable exchange rates – One of the most valuable currencies is the Kuwaiti dinar. Because of this, favorable exchange rates can be obtained through foreign exchange transactions. Investors would register their companies in Kuwait for the aforementioned causes.
  4. Area’s demographics – Gulf waters contain Kuwait. Thus, it provides a developing demographic environment for investors to conduct business. In Kuwait, there are numerous banking and financial options available. Four million people make up Kuwait’s population, of which 1.2 million are native Kuwaitis and more than 2.8 million are expatriates.

Steps to start a company in Kuwait

Here are some of the steps to start a company in Kuwait.

  1. Have a local (51%) partner
  2. Establishment of a business in Kuwait;
  3. Kuwait License Registration

Different business types for company registration in Kuwait

The following types of business are acceptable for company registration in Kuwait:

  • Limited Liability (W.L.L – With Limited Liability)
  • Branch Office
  • Commercial Agency
  • Representative Trade Office
  • General Partnership Company       
  • Limited Share Partnership Company
  • Holding Company
  • Public Share Holding Company
  • Joint Venture

Different stages of Company Registration in Kuwait

  1. Submit a request to the Ministry of Commerce. This process will take a day.
  2. Choose a name for the business and file an application with the Commercial Registry. This requires one day.
  3. Take three notes from the Department of Partnerships (DOP) that are addressed to the bank, the Criminal Investigation Department, and the Kuwaiti municipality. This requires one day.
  4. Put capital into a bank and get proof proving you did so. This process takes a day.
  5. Criminal histories of the partners/shareholders are investigated after which a certificate declaring they are clear of any offenses will be provided. This procedure will take two days.
  6. Municipality inspection of the business location, following which a certificate will be issued. This procedure will take seven days.
  7. Get a memorandum of association form from the DOP. This requires one day.
  8. The Memorandum of Association must be signed and notarized. This costs around 20 KWD and takes a day.
  9. Get a license from the Department of Partnerships to start your business. This costs about 40 KWD and takes two days.
  10. Registration in the Commercial Registry. This requires one day.
  11. A signature sample will be certified by The Chamber of Industry and Commerce. It takes a day and costs about 70 KWD to register the first time, plus another 60 KWD to renew your membership each year.
  12. To receive a civil number, register with the Civil Data Agency. This costs about 10 KWD and takes 15 days.
  13. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs should be contacted to open a labor file. This can be completed concurrently with stage 12 and takes 15 days.

Documents required for company formation

Here are some of the documents required for company formation in Kuwait.

  • Copies and information related to the Company’s Articles of Association
  • Commercial license Copy and information in Kuwait Commercial registration copy
  • Information about the applicant’s passport if they are an ex-pat
  • A copy of the shareholder resolution that was adopted regarding the business.

Why choose Helpline Group?

If you are planning to start a company in Kuwait, Helpline Group is ready for you. New Company Registration in Kuwait is not a simple process and it is widely regarded as a center of commerce by many for their business due to the financial advantages. The two main industries that contribute to its economic expansion are oil and gas. Other commercial sectors, such as those in finance, real estate, and other related industries, as well as many more, are also important drivers of Kuwait’s economic expansion.

We at Helpline Group have been in the field for more than two decades and can help you with all the processes easy. Feel free to contact us at +965 60305558.