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Company Formation In Qatar

How do you start a business in Qatar? Learn the best ways through which you may register and start a business in Qatar through Helpline Group.

  • Helpline Group will help you choose the best company structure in Qatar
  • Helpline Group will help you set-up the business as you require in Qatar
  • Helpline Group will support you in documentation and filing of required paperwork in Qatar
  • Helpline Group will help you in setting up tax and licenses required for your business in Qatar

Learn how you can proceed to register a company in Qatar with our professional company formation services. Check out our comprehensive portfolio.

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Qatar is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with strong business potential and opportunities. As more businesses coming to the sector and new industrial sectors are set-up, there is a wave of investment and business formation happening in Qatar, resulting in creating a business ecosystem unlike any other place in the Gulf Region. There have been major changes in regulations and economic policies in Qatar to allow 100% foreign ownership in certain areas of the economy. These areas range from education, health, industry and tourism and soon. However, you shall opt for professional guidance on choosing the most appropriate form of business set-up in Qatar to set up your business and start operations. Contact Helpline Group for more information on setting up your business in Kuwait.

Company Formation Steps in Qatar

Finding A Partner

The first requirement in company formation is ensuring local partner or sponsor from Qatar, which is essential to acquire registration, licenses and commencing activities in Qatar.

Business Set-Up

Qatar has different requirements and rules concerning business set and formation in various industries. Helpline Group can help you choose the most appropriate form and type.

License Registration

Every company should have all the necessary licenses and registrations in Qatar. Helpline Group is a specialist in offering such licensing and registration services in Qatar.

Assurance on Reliability and Quality

Helpline Group places a strong emphasis on maintaining its quality while meeting the commitment to its customers. Hence, our clients can be assured of getting their company formation and registration processes or activities completed on time, through proper channels, as per their requirements.

Legal Structures of Companies in Qatar

Qatar has different company structures on offer. One must understand the basic difference between these structure models and types in Qatar, and make the best decision based on the ownership needs, requirements and conditions. Helpline Group can guide you through this process and help you choose the most suitable company structure in Qatar Company Formation. The following structures are allowed for foreign investments in Qatar.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Foreign Company Branches
  • Commercial Agencies
  • Representative Trade Offices
  • General Partnership Company
  • Limited Share Partnership Company
  • Holding Company
  • Public Shareholding Company
  • Joint Venture
Limited Liability Company Formation in Qatar (WLL)

A Limited Liability Company in Qatar (LLC Qatar) is one of the most popular form of business entity in Qatar. It is possible to set up an LLC in Qatar with one or more Qatari partners or 100% Qatari owned business. In case of Qatari partners, Qatari partners should have no less than 51% of the shares in the partnership. LLC are allowed to operate in most sectors in Qatar, except for commercial agencies and real estate businesses. Helpline Group can guide you through necessary activities of setting up an LLC in Qatar.

General Partnership Company Formation In Qatar

In a general partnership company, there are two or more partners involved in setting up a company in Qatar. All partners in a general partnership have unlimited liability towards the business and roles and responsibilities of partners are based on the partnership agreement of the business. Helpline Group can guide you through necessary activities of setting up a general partnership company in Qatar.

Limited Share Partnership Company Formation In Qatar

In a limited share partnership, there must be one general partner and one limited partner. While the limited partner is only responsible for making investments and have limited liability to the extent of his investments in the business, general partners have more responsibility and control over the business, but also share unlimited liability towards the extend of his personal wealth. Minimum share capital required to set up a limited share partnership is QR.1,000,000. Helpline Group can guide you through necessary activities of setting up a limited share partnership in Qatar.

Holding Company Formation In Qatar

A holding company in Qatar is set up to make investments in other companies in Qatar. It is possible for holding companies in Qatar to have more than 50% of shares in other companies in the country, including LLCs, LLPs, or other type of business, and even start its own business. There is a minimum capital requirement for QR 10 million for setting up a holding company in Qatar. Helpline Group can guide you through necessary activities of setting up a holding company in Qatar.

Public Shareholding Company Formation In Qatar

Qatari Law recognises different types of public shareholding companies in the country. A joint stock company or a Qatari shareholding company is possible to set up in Qatar. A Qatar shareholding company can be a public shareholding company (open) or a private or closed public shareholding company, which have different regulations and requirements concerning issuance and subscription of shares to the public. For more information on setting up a Public shareholding company in Qatar, contact Helpline Group today.

Joint Venture Formation In Qatar

In Qatar, a joint venture is not an incorporated entity and does not have a legal personality. However, the law recognises the formation of a contract and partnership between two companies for carrying out common activities and goals. Hence, a joint venture is often the solution followed by companies in Qatar to participate in joint activities and roles. Helpline Group can guide you through necessary activities of setting up a Joint Venture in Qatar.

Representative Trade Offices In Qatar

As of now, foreign companies are allowed to open representative trade offices in Qatar without needing a local partner. Even though such commercial offices can have a commercial registration and hire staffs, such are only shop windows for the parent company and cannot engage in profit generating activities. However, these representative trade offices may promote a foreign company and introduce its products and services companies and customers in Qatar. Helpline Group can guide you through necessary activities of setting up a Representative Trade Office in Qatar.

Commercial Agencies In Qatar

Foreign companies may now establish commercial agencies in Qatar with the primary intention of carrying out services and selling products to companies in Qatar. Companies are required to appoint an exclusive provider of services and goods in Qatar to establish such a company. Helpline Group can guide you through necessary activities of setting up a Commercial Agency in Qatar.

Branches In Qatar

Foreign companies can now register their branch offices in Qatar, as per the exemption from the Ministry of Business & Trade. However, it is mandatory that such entities must have a contract with the Qatar government for facilitating the performance of a public service or utility. It means, such companies shall not engage in any commercial activities in Qatar, beyond the activities specified in the contract, and the validity of branch office registrations are only valid up to the validity of the contract. Helpline Group can guide you through necessary activities of setting up a branch office in Qatar.

Other Factors You Should Consider for Qatar Business Formation

Real Estate

There are different rules of real estate businesses and brokerage companies in Qatar, which can be extended towards ownership and management of such businesses and most importantly, the licensing requirements. Even though you are making huge investments towards real estate businesses in Qatar, one must make sure adequate attention is paid towards registration and licensing requirements in the country to make sure their business is legally protected and recognised. As foreigners have certain restrictions and limitations in handling real estate and properties, such as buying or selling, one must consult with Helpline Group to gain more insight into how to handle real estate requirements in Qatar.

Taxation of companies registered in Qatar

Tax systems in Qatar are very complex. Qatar levies corporate and individual tax between 10% to 30% depending on the type of company and the profit made. Taxation may change according to the type of company and its legal recognition. Qatari owned companies and companies owned by GCC citizen are not required to pay taxes, but foreign investors are required to pay taxes on their income or profit. Helpline Group can help you understand these differences, right from the time of business set up and help you set up taxation requirements as per the company needs and conditions. In addition to this, the Helpline Group will help you manage your tax requirements with the most efficiency in Qatar.

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