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USA Good Standing Certificate (PCC)


 Police clearance certificate is an official document issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in order to prove that the applicant does not have any criminal conviction against him. It is required for long term visa or employment or immigration. Therefore, the essential purpose is to keep or protect the country from unlawful activities.

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Procedure of Getting US clearance certificate

  • First the applicant is advised to get a prescribed application form and fill up the application with every single personal detail.
  • FBI offers two types of services for getting this certificate—Normal Mode and the Expedited Mode
  • Usually the investigation team will see more in a background. So you are charged with any conviction ever, even if it is dismissed but you should pass on to them.
  • Application fee with processing charges are non-refundable.

Important document required for PCC

  1. Fill up the application form properly.
  2. Fingerprints of both hands should be duly attested.
  3. Self-attested copies of passport and two identity documents are required.
  4. Provide social security number if there is any.
  5. You have mention the period of stay in US that means it is important to state the first entry and last exit date of our stay. Even the purpose of stay should be mentioned.


The USA Good Standing Certificate, also known as the USA Police Clearance Certificate or USA PCC, is a key document that confirms a person’s position with regard to their criminal record inside the nation. This certificate, which is frequently needed for a variety of reasons such as immigration, employment, or overseas travel, attests that the applicant has had a spotless legal record during their tenure in the USA. The USA Good Standing Certificate has great importance since it serves as proof of a person’s moral character and dedication to upholding the law while staying in the country. The USA Good Standing Certificate is a crucial need regardless of whether you’re an immigrant trying to become established, a professional looking for new chances, or an explorer setting off on new frontiers. Obtaining this qualification highlights, but also emphasizes your adherence to legal standards while also streamlining the process of meeting your PCC needs in the USA. The value of the USA Police Clearance Certificate in many official and private situations is highlighted by the fact that it creates confidence in both people and international organizations.

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