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Trade Mark Registration in Kuwait

As an entrepreneur willing to begin your business activities in Kuwait, you need to be aware regarding the Business Laws. You must be conscious regarding developing your brand identity in the Kuwaiti market to avoid duplication of your products and gaining trust among your customers. Kuwait Trade Mark Registration is a vital procedure you need to carry out at the time of your product launch.

It is advisable to work with a trustworthy Trademark registration consultant like the Helpline Group for timely completion of the Trademark Registration process. You are supposed to choose a unique Trademark in terms of the phonetic pronunciation, images and name of your company, product or service. There are stringent norms for registering your trademark with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of Kuwait.

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The procedure to register your trademark in Kuwait

It is an essential move to understand the Process of Trade Mark Registration in Kuwait before beginning its official use for your marketing activities. Helpline Group deploys a team of experienced personnel to take care of your trademark registration. Our executives discuss with you the requirements and render expert advice for filling in your application as well.

Application: An Authorized Signatory from your company needs to sign a power of attorney document, so that we can represent you for Trade Mark Registration in Kuwait. We submit your application duly furnishing all the desired details. Then, our executives carry out the necessary follow-up for timely approval of your trademark from the Ministry officials.

Examination: The authorities compare your desired trademark with the already registered trademarks in Kuwait. Thus it is ensured that your trademark is unique in all respects. Meanwhile, the Ministry officials also scrutinize your application for precise information about your business, activities you carry out and the desired trademark.

Publication: In the next phase, your desired trademark is published by the Ministry. The other companies can submit their objections to your desired trademark, for similarity in name, pronunciation and even images displayed with the trademark. Stipulated time duration is allotted to register any complaints, objections and claims.

Registration: In case of any objections, our team of business consultants would help you to face the trials and see to it that your proposed trademark gets through the phase. When there are no objections from any of the parties, your trademark would be registered and you would be allowed to use it as your Registered Trademark in Kuwait.

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