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Whether or not, one has a criminal or offensive background, it is important to acquire a Police Clearance Certificate or PCC for immigration and visa purposes. Therefore, the whole discussion is of immense importance in here. Well, there are procedures to acquire the same for immigration to the UK.

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What do you need to get the UK PCC?

  • First, one needs to collect and fill up the prescribed application form with every personal detail with the utmost care. Remember to fill the whole application in block letters.
  • Use black ink and signature throughout the form wherever required. Do not leave on any column or information matching your personal details. This will call for unnecessary hassles if not given properly.
  • Accuracy is the key to every success. Therefore, a form of PCC is of immense importance and requirement should also be filled with great perfection. Police Clearance Certificate needs a hair-to-hair detailed study before giving a grant to it. Thus, verification is always done accordingly. The applicant should also be careful about this.

What are the documents necessary for PCC?

  1. Complete application form without any flaws in personal details.
  2. Four recent passport size photographs and it should be purely formal without, anything such as the cap and spectacles.
  3. A self-attested colored scanned copy or photocopy of passport, recent and old both along with another ID Proof.
  4. Proof of last two residential address of UK and its duration details.
  5. A letter stating the reason for acquiring a PCC in the UK.

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