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If you are a person who has resided in the UK and intend to travel elsewhere for work or if you plan on applying for permanent residency, a long term visa or immigration, you may be required to provide the certificate as part of the visa/citizenship/residency application process. It may also include information about your criminal histories, if any, in the UK 

The length of stay in the UK must be specified when applying for a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Anyone who has lived in the UK for more than six months is eligible.

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Benefits / why get a UK PCC

Police certificates are required for those,

    • who want to emigrate
    • who need a visa to live and work in another country
    • who want to get citizenship or residency. 
    • for  purposes of job
    •  further education purposes, and so on

Documents required for getting UK PCC

Following are the documents required in order to obtain a UK Police Clearance Certificate. 

    • Application Form
    • Proof of current address
    • Passport Size photo 
    • Valid passport of Applicant’s visa
    • Photocopy of Applicant Passport
    • Full set of fingerprint impressions
    • Purpose for PCC