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Kuwait has been a premier destination that has been preferred by businessman as well as clients .Kuwait has enabled ease of business with it’s entrepreneur friendly rules that has attracted expats from across the globe  to invest their businesses in Kuwait . One of the most preferred forms of partnership was the Limited Liability  Company (WLL). The WLL  form of partnership in Kuwait allows a lot of benefits such as exemption from corporate tax and is free from import export duties .

The WLL form of partnership however requires the presence of two or more partners with one partner compulsory to be Kuwaiti . In this form of partnership the local partner is entitled to minimum 51 % of ownership of the company’s shares .It is a highly flexible form of business and allows easy completion of formalities  within a limited span of time .


In order to start a WLL form of company ,it is extremely important to find a local Kuwaiti partner with the same business interest as well as with the appropriate knowledge regarding the industry . This helps to have a positive and mutual understanding regarding the business and helps to oversee a growth with the help of tactit business understanding.

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Helpline Group is one of the most experienced agencies having over two decades of experience in the field of document attestation,  business documentations , etc. Helpline Group has a  number of contacts with various sections of the industry which enables them to find a suitable business partner and also allow them to build their business relations smoothly . By finding an appropriate partner for the business  can help the person to fulfil their aspirations and dreams and allows them to completely invest their time in their entrepreneurial duties without any apprehensions.

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