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The UAE Good Standing Certificate (PCC)

A Police Clearance Certificate is an evidence for your Good conduct. It is a certificate which shows that the applicant is not involved in any criminal or illegal activity. The United Arab Emirates, simply known as the UAE is a federation of seven emirates consisting of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

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A PCC is official document issued by police departments across UAE which shows applicant is not accused in any criminal activity.

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What is UAE Good Standing Certificate (PCC) ?

The government of UAE issues its resident who are willing to relocate to another country, a certification called the UAE Police Clearance Certificate. This is an identification certificate of the individual. The UAE PCC is also known as Good Contact Certificate, Good Citizen Certificate, Judicial Record Extracts, etc.

The police department of the UAE is responsible for issuing the PCC certificate. It is however issued after a thorough verification of all the previous activities of the applicant. He/she will not be eligible for the PCC, in case, the applicant has had any part with illegal activities in the country which led to the involvement of the UAE police. It is an essential document, which proves the character of the applicant.

If a UAE resident plans to relocate to another country for employment, education, business or any other purpose, a UAE PCC must be submitted in the destination country. The PCC as described is a legal document which indicates that the applicant has no criminal background. The PCC will let you immigrate into your destination country.

This document is an indispensable document for every international communication, which the UAE government issues for its people who have resided in the country for at least six months.

What are documents required to apply for a UAE PCC?

• Emirates ID
• Passport Copy
• Passport Size photo
• Fingerprint, if needed
• PCC undertaking form

The PCC will help the residents of UAE to grab opportunities from other country. This document will help people reach their destinations without any legal identity complications. The UAE PCC documents will allow its applicants to catch up to their personal and professional needs easily.

Why do you need the UAE PCC?

Some of the objectives for obtaining the UAE PCC are:

  • Job/Employment
  • Migration/ Relocation
  • Residence Visa
  • Higher Education
  • Business, etc.

The UAE Good Standing Certificate, also known as the UAE PCC or Police Clearance Certificate UAE, is a crucial document that attests to a person’s lack of a criminal record when they were a resident of the nation. This official document is quite important and is frequently needed for a number of things, like immigration, job, or foreign travel. To guarantee that the applicant has no prior arrests or convictions in the UAE, a complete background check is required in order to get a UAE Good Standing Certificate. This document attests to a person’s moral character and obedience to the law when they were resident in the UAE. The UAE Good Standing Certificate is essential for anybody looking for employment prospects, relocating abroad, or travelling to new places. The UAE Good Standing Certificate is a valuable tool whether you’re a resident looking for new employment prospects, an expatriate considering a move, or a traveller looking to expand your horizons. 

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