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Singapore Good Standing Certificate (PCC)


In today’s globalized and developed world, Singapore has developed as one of the major epicenters of the world and has been the major center for Information Technology(IT),Engineering and Manufacturing. This has in turn, helped clients to soar greater heights and created a demand for Singapore PCC Services and has played a key role in the development of various clients.


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Police Clearance Certificate, also known by the term certificate of clearance Singapore (COCS) is issued by Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Singapore Police Force. Only those applicants without any pending criminal case within the country are provided PCC Certificate within a specific time period.



Over the years, Singapore has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for businesses and has provided employment  for people from different parts and corners of the world.  In order to accurately verify the identity of clients, it is quite important that one mandates the use of PCC Certificate in public domain. Some of the key benefits for procuring PCC Certificate are as follows

  • The PCC Certificate plays a key role in verifying the identity as well as credentials of clients.
  • It plays a great deal in helping various clients to procure jobs in reputed firms and organizations.
  • It helps in creating a standard for recruitment of various clients into the industries and has helped them to soar greater heights in their career.




  • FIN (Foreign Identification Number)
  • Letter issued by relevant authority
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Government Photo ID

The Singapore Good Standing Certificate, also known as the Singapore PCC or Police Clearance Certificate Singapore, is a crucial document that confirms a person’s position with regard to their criminal record in the nation. This certificate is quite important and is usually needed for a number of things, like immigration, work, or travelling abroad. It attests to the applicant’s spotless legal history while residing in Singapore and exemplifies their integrity and dedication to respecting the law. The Singapore Good Standing Certificate is a crucial prerequisite for anybody looking to settle down abroad, pursue new employment prospects, or travel and experience new adventures. Having this certificate verifies your adherence to the law and simplifies the PCC application process in Singapore. This official document promotes trust among people and international organizations, highlighting the value of the Singapore Police Clearance Certificate in a variety of professional and private circumstances. 

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