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Credential Evaluation, Transcript Verification Services


Over the years, credential evaluation services has helped various clients in delivering efficient services and has ensured that expats are able to settle down in their professional career without any hassles. Also, it has been extremely helpful for various students to pursue their higher education without any issues and helps them to embark on their professional career.



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Authentication of your Academic Credentials:

If immigrating to Canada or the USA for higher education is on your wishlist, it would be mandatory to comply with the standard formalities of the concerned country.In order to ensure and verify your academic credentials, you need to undergo the process of Credential evaluation. This evaluation process not only verifies and authenticates the credentials, but also the eligibility and competence of the student is confirmed to be at par with the respective field of study. Therefore, whenever you are applying for higher education abroad, accomplishing Transcript Verification is a crucial task.

Helpline Group serves as a professional and reliable agency that handles your credentials with the utmost care and represents you in the universities. It would be always advisable to rely on our professionally organized service providers like Helpline Group instead of any unknown person. We handle your educational documents, certificates and even the individual confidential information in the most secure manner and complete the Credential Evaluation well in time. We take pride in rendering the most client-centric approach while executing these services and also make sure that all your requirements are met.

Helpline Group ensures reliable services:

It has an efficient team to look after the legal transcription services and also enables to provide access in every major locations. We offer evaluation services in an internationally integrated manner, as we possess an extensive network of offices and business associates across various corners of the globe. We are the leading name in Kuwait for Credential Evaluation.

It has a professional bond with students , jobseekers and entrepreneurs and helps them in meeting their job requirements .We possess a strong presence in Canada and the USA. We offer Certificate Attestation, Apostille Services, Document Validation Procedures for the clients at a limited budget.

We offer a variety of educational document verification services in a professional manner, as we have successfully developed a system to handle your credentials and get your Transcript Verification as fast as possible. We have extensive experience of over two decades in this service and ensure complete client satisfaction irrespective of the complexity of the procedures to accomplish the authentication of academic achievements and competencies. We help our clients in almost all the universities in various parts of the world, including India, the Middle East Region, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Documents required for Credential Evaluation:

Your credentials need to be duly attested by the authority of a university or institution.  In India, the Controller of Examinations and Registrar’s Office are considered as recognized authorities to attest. The attestation by professors, affiliate college officials and even public notaries are not considered valid.

  • For Degree Certificate, you require to send a copy of the completed degree (certificate of educational qualification) for Credential Evaluation. The Original Certificate might  not be necessarily required for this process.
  • The mark sheets and transcripts provided by the institutions or individual colleges are not recognised by the authorities unless the college or institution gets an autonomous status or treated as a constituent college.

Procedure for Credential Evaluation:

As you submit the documents along with the fees, our professionals and support agents take care of the submission of these documents along with the application for verification to the concerned universities.

The universities verify the credentials as per their records and handover, the application along with the verified documents are sent to the concerned authorities for further verification and approval. If the universities don’t send the documents, the agency needs to take care of the further procedure.

The policies and time plans of the universities may differ. We expect the duration of 15 to 40 working days to accomplish the verification process through the universities.

Express your concerns to take your motives further:

The students from various countries, including those of Kuwait, can avail our Credential Evaluation Services. Also , one  can leave a message on your left regarding  your concerns, to get additional information about our services.

Otherwise, you can also contact our Customer Support Team using the following numbers. Our executives are also available on WhatsApp through these numbers. Our team members would get back to you to resolve your queries as soon as possible.

Helpline Group has been working with students and parents alike for their certificate attestation needs and have a strong presence in the U.S.A and Canada. We are a recognised agency for our services and professional approach in the field of certificate attention, apostille services, and document validation processes, as well as document endorsement and notarisation etc. We also deal with students, job seekers, and migrating professionals on a daily basis for their international documentation and attestation needs.

Our 20+ years of experience and knowledge helped us in integrating the most intricate systems and processes required to handle and fulfill  Credential Evaluation We maintain our customer-friendly approach to meeting commitments and delivering results even when we are engaged in one of the most complex procedures required for enforcing academic achievements and competencies.

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