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Certificate Attestation Services for United Kingdom

Get to know how we can help your certificates and documents get attested and authenticated as per the needs of the host country regulations from the UK.

  • We will help your certificate attestation and authentication needs according to the host country requirements from the UK.
  • We can support all your document attestation and authentication needs from the UK.
  • Experience our quality and professionally managed reliable certificate attestation services

Learn how you can get your certificates attested from and to the UK.

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Whichever country you are in, if you are from the UK, you will have to get your certificates attested as per the regulations and legal requirements of your host country from the UK for various needs. It is important to verify your self identity by attesting certificates ,documents that are used for day to day purposes.

Also known as certificate legalisation in the UK and similar regions, getting your certificates attested or legalised is a strict need for getting a job, continuing education, or getting government tasks done, or starting a business in a foreign country. Helpline Group has a range of services designed towards this need and requirements. Send us an email or chat with us today to know more about how we can help to get your certificates attested or legalised from the UK.

Educational Certificate Legalisation

  • School Certificate Attestation
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation
  • Degree/Graduate Certificate Attestation
  • Post Graduation Certificate Attestation
  • PhD Certificate Attestation
  • MBA Certificate Attestation
  • MSc Certificate Attestation

Personal Certificate Legalisation

  • Court Papers Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Death Certificate Attestation
  • National Identification Service
  • Disclosure Scotland Attestation

Business Document Legalisation

  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Other Business Documents
Legalization Procedure for Kuwait Embassy

1. Solicitor’s Certification.
2. FCO Apostille Certificate.
3. Kuwait Embassy Attestation.

Helpline is an ISO certificated organisation, you can be sure that all your certificate attestation needs are in safe hands, and you will get your completely attested and legalised documents in your hands as stated during the service process. We use proper channels and legally recognised methods to get your certificates attested while also maintaining at most concerns for the privacy and safety of your data and personal information.

We are a recognised service provider in the Gulf Region and the U.S. for certificate attestation, certificate validation and legalisation as well as document clearing services. With a very long service history and huge client base, you can be assured that your certificate attestation requirements are in the best hands.

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