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Company Formation Services in Bahrain

How do you start a business in Bahrain? Learn the best ways through which you may register and start a business in Bahrain through Helpline Group.

  • Helpline Group will help you choose the best company structure in Bahrain
  • Helpline Group will help you set-up the business as you require in Bahrain
  • Helpline Group will support you in documentation and filing of required paperwork in Bahrain
  • Helpline Group will help you in setting up tax and licenses required for your business in Bahrain

Learn how you can proceed to register a company in Bahrain with our professional company formation services. Check out our comprehensive portfolio.


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Bahrain is a country located in the Middle East, and oil and petroleum is the biggest and most dominant industrial sector in the country. Bahrain has too may petroleum, petrochemical, oil and gas and related industries and businesses operating. However, Bahrain is currently looking forward to diversify its investment and industry portfolio by seeking interest in other areas, such as financial services, other manufacturing areas, processing businesses and sectors and so on. Support from the government in many industrial areas is immense and favourable for entrepreneurs and investors.

Bahrain has many strategic advantages, ranging from location advantage, government advantages, market benefits and cost related advantages in the region. In addition to this, the Bahraini workforce is considered highly educated and skilful for many industrial sectors and business concepts. All these are promising elements to support your entrepreneurship, investment and business needs in Bahrain. Helpline Group has established dedicated company formation services in Bahrain. We can help you set up and register your dream business and establishment in Bahrain.

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Established in 1998, Helpline Group has achieved widespread presence across the world in the past ~25 years. With its head office located in Dubai, we serve our customers from across the world through out global offices and partner networks.

Finding A Partner

The first requirement in company formation is ensuring local partner or sponsor from Bahrain, which is essential to acquire registration, licenses and commencing activities in Bahrain.

Business Set-Up

Bahrain has different requirements and rules concerning business set and formation in various industries. Helpline Group can help you choose the mot appropriate form and type.

License Registration

Every company should have all necessary licenses and registrations in Bahrain. Helpline Group is a specialist in offering such licensing and registration services in Bahrain.

Legal Structures of the Company

Bahrain has different company structures on offer. One must understand the basic difference between these structure models and types in Bahrain, and make the best decision based on their ownership needs, requirements and conditions. Helpline Group can guide you through this process and help you choose the most suitable company structure in Bahrain Company Formation.

  • Limited Liability Company Formation (WLL)
  • Branch Offices
  • Commercial Agencies
  • Representative Trade Offices
  • General Partnership Company
  • Limited Share Partnership Company
  • Holding Company
  • Joint Venture
Limited Liability Company Formation in Bahrain (LLC)

Limited Liability Company is one of the most popular forms of company formation in Bahrain. There are three different options available.

1. Bahrain SPC / The Single Person Company.
A single person owns and controls the company. A foreigner can have 100% ownership in a Bahrain SPC. An SPC is considered an actual company. Similarly, the business has levied no taxes. A unique business name is mandatory in Bahrain for SPC. Liability of the shareholder is only limited up to their contributions to the capital. SPC is not allowed to offer a public share offering.

2. With Limited Liability Company (WLL)
A With Limited Liability Company (WLL) is another form of LLC in Bahrain. A WLL needs a local manager and the company must be registered with the registrar to get commercial and legal recognition. A unique name is also required in Bahrain. The following conditions are applicable:
Shareholders: Minimum 2
Liability: Limited to the extent of their capital contribution
Naming Requirements: Unique name is required. Must include WLL at the end of the name

3. Bahrain Shareholding Company (BSC)
This structure is ideal for large companies or large projects. Hence, it attracts large investment ideas. The following conditions are applicable to a Bahrain shareholding company (BSC)
Shareholders: Minimum 2 shareholders. Minimum three directors in a public shareholding company.
Public Issue: Issuing Public Subscription of shares is allowed through the Stock Exchange Agency BHB

General Partnership Company in Bahrain

In a General partnership company, a partnership is formed with two or more persons. However, partners in general partnerships have unlimited liability towards the business. The liability of the business can be extended towards the personal wealth of the directors.

  • Shareholders: Minimum 2 shareholders, and 2 directors.
  • Naming Requirements: Must include the title of one or more partners in the name
  • Minimum Share Capital: Not specified
  • Foreign Investment: Foreign investors are allowed
  • Local Partners: Local partners are not mandatory
  • Suitable for: General partnership company is suitable for small businesses in Bahrain
Limited Share Partnership Company in Bahrain

A Limited share partnership company in Bahrain is usually used as per the terms and conditions described in the contract. Minimum requirements include one general partner and one limited partner. A general partner is responsible for management of the business, and have unlimited liability towards the business. A limited partner is only responsible for making investments, and their liability is limited to the extent of their capital contributions to the company.

  • Shareholders: Minimum 2 shareholders.
  • Naming Requirements: Must include the title of one or more partners in the name
  • Minimum Share Capital: Not specified
  • Foreign Investment: Foreign investors are allowed
  • Suitable for: General partnership company is suitable for small businesses in Bahrain
Holding Company Formation in Bahrain

A Holding company in Bahrain is formed to manage and own other business in Bahrain. A Holding company in Bahrain may own any type of company in Bahrain, including joint stock companies and limited liability companies. It is possible for such holding companies to have more than 50% ownership in companies. Contact Helpline Group for more information on setting up a holding company in Bahrain.

Joint Venture Formation in Bahrain

Joint Ventures are formed between businesses in Bahrain, including foreign businesses and entrepreneurs. Although it is legally recognised in the form of a contract, this does not ensure legal recognition as an entity. The roles and responsibilities of a joint venture is as good as mentioned in the contract or agreement, or the Memorandum of Association. Its beginning, end, and activities are dependent on the Memorandum of Association or the agreement between involved parties, including their duties and obligations. Speak to Helpline Group for more information.

Representative Trade Offices in Bahrain

Foreign companies and investors may open representative trade offices in Bahrain to carry out their company activities. However, such offices are not allowed to make profit-making activities. A local person is needed to represent the company in Bahrain. Such businesses are more suitable for customer relationships and business support and so on.

Commercial Agencies in Bahrain

Commercial agencies are used for representing a main or parent company in Bahrain. A commercial agent is mandatory for such businesses. A foreign business may appoint a local agent for distributing goods or engaging with local customers. The local commercial agent can be a Bahraini citizen or a Bahraini company.

Branch Offices in Bahrain

Branch offices are opened by companies of foreign origin to carry out business activities in Bahrain, and they are expected to follow the same activities as their parent company in Bahrain. A bank guarantee of a minimum of $133,000 is required to start a branch office. Activities of a branch office may range from collecting invoices, protecting business activities, signing sales and lease agreements and collecting income from customers and so on. 100% foreign ownership is possible for Branch offices. A local agent may be necessary to handle various legal requirements in Bahrain.

Other Factors You Should Consider for Bahrain Business Formation

Real Estate

There are different rules of real estate businesses and brokerage companies in Bahrain, which can be extended towards ownership and management of such businesses and most importantly, the licensing requirements. Even though you are making huge investments towards real estate businesses in Bahrain, one must make sure adequate attention is paid towards registration and licensing requirements in the country to make sure their business is legally protected and recognised. As foreigners have certain restrictions and limitations in handling real estates, such as buying or selling, one must consult with Helpline Group to gain more insight into how to handle real estate requirements in Bahrain.

Tax System

Bahrain has a highly favourable tax system for people and businesses. There is no corporate tax, estate tax or gift tax of such in Bahrain. However, some companies are exempted from such benefits, such as gas and petroleum companies etc. Please speak to Helpline Group to make sure your business type is exempted from paying tax in the country, or your tax requirements in Bahrain.

Visa System

Visa requirements change from country to country. When you are setting up a business in Bahrain, the first issue you need to consider is obtaining a suitable visa for your activities. For example, you are not permitted to carry out business activities on a visiting visa – you shall need a business or investor visa for such requirements. We can help you get your visa requirements carried out in Bahrain through Helpline Group. We handle all visa requirements, including entrepreneurs’ visa, employee visa and visa for managers and so on.

Importing System

As a business, you may have different requirements for importing and exporting goods from and to the country. You shall need different licensing and registration to engage in importing and exporting activities in the country. There may be additional issues to consider in the type of products allowed to import or export, and business-related requirements or restrictions in importing and exporting goods. Helpline Group can guide you through these requirements in Bahrain.