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Australia Good Standing Certificate (PCC)

Australia is one nation that mandates the use of Good Standing Certification in various domains such as employment, education and hospitality. Also the advent of Good Standing certificate has played a key role in recruitment of qualified candidates and helped them to soar greater heights in their professional career.


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The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Australia is issued by the Australia Federal Police National Police Check. They certify the fact that the applicant has never taken part in any anti-social activity and are required for an immigration status to other countries.

What procedure needs to be followed to get a PCC in Australia?

  • A completed NPC Australian Application Form with full set of fingerprint impressions.
  • The Australian Federal Police sends the PCC to the applicant via email or courier.
  • First Entry and Last Exit STAMP, along with the colored visa copy are required

What documents you should have with you?

  • A complete PCC Application Form
  • Authority Letter relating to migration
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Colored, scanned/photocopies of passports with self-attestation
  • The period of stay in Australia should be in a letter form
  • Last residential address in Australia with documentary proof

A crucial document that confirms a person’s lack of a criminal record in the nation is the Australia Good Standing Certificate, also known as the Australia PCC or Police Clearance Certificate Australia. Its applicability covers a wide range of situations, including immigration, employment, and foreign travel, and it successfully validates the preservation of an immaculate legal record during the person’s stay in Australia. The Australia Good Standing Certificate has enormous significance since it serves as proof of one’s moral character and commitment to upholding the law while residing in the country. The Australia Good Standing Certificate continues to be a necessary need, regardless of whether the immigrant is pursuing family goals, exploring career options, or engaging in unique adventures. The receipt of this accreditation highlights compliance with legal requirements, but it also considerably simplifies the procedure for meeting your PCC responsibilities in Australia. 

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