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PRO Services in Dubai

Over the years, Dubai has emerged as a global city that provides effective PRO Services and has enabled various clients across the globe to transcend boundaries and created a suitable path for dedication by providing effective services. Also, PRO Services has played a key role in shaping up various business and commercial activities and helped them to soar greater heights in their professional sphere of life.

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Helpline Group is an expert in providing Public Relations Officer (PRO – Mandoob) provisions in the entire Middle East – especially Dubai. With our strong presence and the treasure box of talented PROs, we are one of the most sought after professional agencies that support both individual and corporate PRO services in Dubai. We deal with immigration, legal document, document translation, legal translation, attestation and manpower and people management, as well as dealing with complex corporate activities such as obtaining licences, handling critical negotiations and so on through our professional PRO network.

Since the establishment in 1988, we have served hundreds of corporates and thousands of individual customers through our POR services. With a strong global presence, it is very easy for us to obtain PROs with international expertise and experience to suit your corporate and individual goals and needs. Look no further, Helpline Group can help you in achieving your corporate and individual goals through high transparency and efficient PRO (Mandoob) provisions and solutions in Dubai.

Our PRO/Mandoob Services are available for both individuals and companies.

Mandoob or PRO Services in Dubai for Individuals

Helpline Group has the best team of Public Relations Officers in the entire Dubai. Our PROs (Mandoob) can assist you in contributing to attestation, legal translation, and other allied tasks. Our team of expert PROs are ready to take on any challenge you throw at them. We have developed a system that not only serves corporate goals but also solve individual needs. Our PROs can assist you in handling immigration, employment, and foreign affairs issues, or legal issues with the highest level of efficiency. Some of the Mandoob services we offer are given below.

  • PRO (Mandoob) for Attestation of personal documents (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.) 
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Attestation of professional documents (employment certificate, health certificate, educational degree, etc.)
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Translation of documents,
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Providing visa for the wife, children, family, friends, or relatives,
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Providing a work visa or visit visa and its renewal
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Legal contracts,
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Health certificate,
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Getting housemaids visa, its renewal and making changes,
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Getting a residential permit and its renewal,
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Fingerprinting, etc.
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Visa stamping Assistance

Mandoob or PRO Services in Dubai for Companies

Helpline Group understands that corporates and businesses have different needs, and it is not as simple as individual tasks or assignments. Hence, we have developed our Mandoob solutions much sophisticated and flexible enough to accommodate all your corporate and business needs into account. We offer corporate pricing and staffing solutions when it comes to Corporate PRO services in Dubai. We also make sure that our services are capable of saving time and other resources for you and the business. Helpline Group also offers term plans and yearly plans and we maintain a strong relationship with our corporate clients to build a better future for both of us. We offer the following services under our corporate Mandoob service portfolio in Dubai, under our Public Relations Office schemes in Dubai.

  • PRO (Mandoob) for Attestation, renewal and making changes in the Document related to Company formation (Commercial Documents or Municipal Documents, Chamber of Commerce subscription, etc.)
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Registration of the Company or Product or Trademark.
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Changing the name or increasing the capital amount
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Typing or translating legal documents
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Hiring company manpower
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Work permit issue for company-sponsored employees
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Drafting labour contract and its renewal
  • PRO (Mandoob) for Traffic allied services such as wagon passing permission, parking permit, car proprietorship transfer, etc.

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Why rely on us?

Helpline Group has been the trusted name in PRO/GRO services in Saudi Arabia for a quarter of a century. With our extensive experience and global presence across 10 branches, supported by a dedicated team of over 300 specialists, we offer unrivalled expertise in PRO services. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every interaction exceeds your expectations, setting new standards in professionalism and reliability.