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PRO/Mandoob Services in Oman

Ensuring the availability of Public Relations Officer (Mandoob) is no longer a business problem. Helpline Groups provide the best PRO services in Oman.

  • Public Relations Officer provisions for various business needs in Oman
  • A strong network of public relations officers throughout Oman
  • Yearly and term plans for providing PRO services for businesses and individuals in Oman

Learn how you can make use of our PRO services for your individual or business needs in Oman

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The Best PRO/Mandoob Service in Oman

We understand how hard it is to get a Public Relations Officer to suit your individual or business needs in Oman. Worry Not, you have now reached Helpline Group who offer the Best PRO/ Mandoob services in Oman, and throughout the Middle East. Established in 1988, Helpline Group has developed a sophisticated international platform consisting of services and provisions focusing on individual and corporate goals in international sectors and markets, and Public Relations Officer provisions are one of our best services. If you are looking for PRO support in areas such as managing municipality relations, managing labour, obtaining housemaid services, handling immigration, dealing with foreign immigration, and/or dealing with professional attestation and translation requirements, Helpline Group is your ideal solution. As a PRO expert and a provider with a strong heritage in Oman, we understand how to assist you in hassle-free management of activities and services through our PRO service provision within affordable prices in Oman.

Helpline Group’s PRO/Mandoob Services are offered to Individuals and Corporate Clients in Oman

Mandoob or PRO Services for Individuals in Oman

Helpline Group can assist and support individuals with varying needs, ranging from documentation tasks, immigration assistance, and other legal and regulatory assignments. If you want to obtain a family visa, or apply for other certifications and documents from the government, or attest your documents and translate legal documents, Helpline Group is your best partner in Oman. Some of the common services we deliver to individuals in Oman are given below.

  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Health certificate from Medical Commission,
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Fingerprinting,
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Legal contracts,
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Arabic translation services (in documents or at government centre),
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Getting a family visa or work visa or visit visa and its renewal,
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Getting visa for housemaids,
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Getting a residential permit and its renewal,
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Change in details of housemaid visa, etc.

Mandoob or PRO Services in Oman for Companies

Managing a business can be challenging and demanding in Oman. Helpline Group understands clients’ needs and goals, and offer the most flexible and efficient Mandoob (PRO) services in the country. While most companies offer expertise in a single field, our portfolio of services is very wide and large, which means, you have the flexibility of opting for the most viable Mandoob service in entire Oman. Save your time, money, and other resources by subscribing to Helpline Group’s term or yearly plans for PRO and Mandoob services in Oman. Some of the common activities we offer under our PRO service portfolio are given below.

  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Document attestation for Company formation.
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Registration of the Company or Product or Trademark.
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Renewal of the documents (Commercial Documents or Municipal Documents, Chamber of Commerce subscription, etc.)
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Making changes in the company’s official documents and its attestation.
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Changes in the partnership deed, Memorandum of Association, etc.
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Changing the name or increasing the capital amount
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Typing, translating or attesting legal documents
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Hiring manpower for company
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Work permit issue for the employees sponsored by the company
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Making labour contract and its renewal
  • PRO (Mandoob) Services for Traffic-related services like permission for the passing truck, parking license, car ownership transfer, etc.

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