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PRO Services

Ensuring the availability of Public Relations Officer (Mandoob) is no longer a business problem. Helpline Groups provide the best PRO services in the Gulf region.

  • Public Relations Officer provisions for various business needs
  • A strong network of public relations officers throughout the Gulf Region
  • Yearly and term plans for providing PRO services for businesses and individuals

Learn how you can make use of our PRO services for your individual or business needs

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PRO Services in

the Middle East

With its 20+ years of heritage and history, Helpline Group is one of the major service providers of Public Relations Officer (Mandboob) services in the Middle East. Our expertise in the corporate sector and our extensive network of Professional PROs make us the best corporate and invidious solution for PRO services in the Middle East region.

Professional network of PRO experts

Reliable and Quality PRO services

PRO service provider covering the entire Middle East

Service provider of all embassy and corporate services


End-to-end PRO Services


Professional Advice and Support


Save Time, Effort, and Money


Safe, Reliable, and Transparent

Helpline Group delivers its Public Relations Officer – PRO (Mandoob) Services across the Middle East region. We have an extensive network of offices and professionals, which means our resources are extensive to match any of your PRO needs and goals. 20+ years of experience and expertise in the corporate and individual services field helped us in developing a very sophisticated system for managing PRO services for our clients. Due to our extensive expertise in various fields, you, as a client, have the flexibility of choosing different professional and industrial PRO provisions, such as corporate, legal, or promotions and so on.

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Why rely on us?

Helpline Group has been the trusted name in PRO/GRO services in Saudi Arabia for a quarter of a century. With our extensive experience and global presence across 10 branches, supported by a dedicated team of over 300 specialists, we offer unrivalled expertise in PRO services. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every interaction exceeds your expectations, setting new standards in professionalism and reliability.

Why Helpline Group?

Global Presence

Our extensive global presence with a strong presence across the Gulf Region, the U.S, Europe, and Canada makes it easy for us to coordinate our services and deliver your requirements on time.

Valuable Ideas/Support

Helpline Group has a strong foundation built on experience and knowledge, which can be used for your advantage through our suggestions and recommendations for your needs of various services, including PRO (Mandoob) provisions and services. 

Quality Services

We have developed a strong system of PRO (Mandoob) processes to deliver superior quality and customer satisfaction. These processes help us deliver superior reliability, accuracy and quality to customers.

Trusted Business Partners

We have an extensive network of partners and service providers, specialising in PRO (Mandoob) provisions and processes. Rest is assured that we can fulfil your requirements for Public Relations Officer for individual or business needs with at most quality.