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Canada Good Standing Certificate (PCC)


  A Police Clearance Certificate or a PCC is a document issued by the RCMP Canada, stating that the candidate has never taken any part in a criminal activity involving the Canadian cops. This document is required while applying for the immigration status to another nation. The stand for the dates of first entry as well as for the last exit is also required. All pages of the visa are to be provided in color copy.

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Procedure for Applying a PCC Canada

In order to procure a PCC Canada, the concerned agency will take down the required fingerprints in an encrypted format and then they will transmit it to the RCMP through a secure server that day only. Then, the fingerprints accreditation and certification is carried out by the RCMP electronically and digitally. In case of any urgency regarding the requirement of the certificate, the RCMP can send it to the candidate via a third party, at an additional cost.

Documents Needed for a PCC

  • Scanned copies of identity documents (other than passport)
  • Complete set of fingerprints (C-216c Card)
  • Recent passport sized photograph (without any spectacles and/or cap)
  • Complete scanned application form
  • Third party consent form
  • Self-attested and colored (scanned/photocopies) of the applicant’s passports (current and old)


The Canada Good Standing Certificate, recognized as the Canada PCC or Police Clearance Certificate Canada, assumes paramount significance as an official document that validates an individual’s criminal record status within the nation. It is frequently demanded for diverse reasons, encompassing immigration, employment, or international travel, serving to affirm that the applicant has maintained an unblemished legal record throughout their tenure in Canada. This credential stands as a testament to the individual’s uprightness and commitment to abiding by the law while residing in the nation. Be it an immigrant striving to establish a foundation, a professional delving into occupational prospects, or a globe-trotter embarking on novel exploits, the Canada Good Standing Certificate emerges as an indispensable requisite. Securing this certificate not only underscores one’s adherence to legal norms but also facilitates a streamlined process for one’s PCC in Canada requisites. This official document cultivates assurance both in individuals and foreign entities, amplifying the significance of the Canada Police Clearance Certificate across a spectrum of official and personal contexts.

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