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Our Services

Company Formation

Helpline Group is the No. 1 agency in providing company formation and other corporate services in Kuwait.

Certificate Attestation

Helpline Group Kuwait provides all type of attestation services throughout Asia, Europe & U.S.A

Good Standing Certificate

Helpline Group Kuwait is pioneers in providing Police Clearance Certificates from all over the world.

Visa Services

Helpline Group is your go-to agency to obtain a visa and associated services to the Middle East and other selected countries.

PRO Services

Helpline Group Kuwait has the most extensive network of Public Relation Officers specialised in various industrial sectors.

Legal Translation Services

Helpline Group in Kuwait provides professional legal translation services to more than 100 global languages

Embassy Services

Helpline Group in Kuwait offers many embassy related services throughout the world, especially India and the Middle East.

World Education Services

Credential evaluation and verification for World Education Services is now easy through Helpline Group Kuwait

Apostile Services

Helpline Group Kuwait is part of a much larger international platform offering Apostille Services in many countries.

Notary Attestation

Get your notarisation needs fulfilled in a reliable and professional manner through Helpline Group in Kuwait.

Good Standing Certificate for Nurses

Now opt for Good Standing Certificate services dedicatedly designed to meet nurses’ needs in Kuwait

Nursing Registration Renewal

Now get your Nursing Registration renewed through Helpline Group in Kuwait – Completely Hassle-Free

Data Flow Verification Services

Get your documents verified through the Data Flow Verification program through Helpline Group in Kuwait


Global Business, Global Customers

Helpline Group, through its 20+ years of operations, has gained a name of trust and reputation among its clientele. We provide globally integrated services, including certificate attestation, apostille, police clearance certificates, good standing certificates, visa applications, and company formation services. Helpline Group has a strong presence across the globe, with strong penetration throughout the Middle East, in addition to Europe, the U.S., the UK. India, and Canada.

Helpline Group is continuously expanding its global presence, along with its global client and service portfolio. Helpline Group is your partner in your global corporate and individual service needs.

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    25 Years of Excellence

    Established in 1990, Helpline Group has a rich heritage. Helpline Group is a symbol of quality and professional commitment to our clients.

    Helpline Group continues to expand its presence and client portfolio. For the past 20+ years, we have consistently delivered strategic solutions to our corporate customers while solving pain points for our individual customers at various cross-border requirements. Helpline Group maintains a commitment to excel in every area it operates and intends to become a prominent service provider in all its operating sectors.

    Global Presence

    Our extensive global presence with a strong presence across the Gulf Region, the U.S, Europe, and Canada makes it easy for us to coordinate our services and deliver your requirements on time.

    Valuable Ideas/Support

    Helpline Group has a strong foundation built on experience and knowledge, which can be used for your advantage through our suggestions and recommendations for your needs of various services, including certificate attestation.

    Quality Services

    We have developed a strong system of certificate attestation process to deliver superior quality and customer satisfaction. These processes help us deliver superior reliability, accuracy and quality to customers.

    Trusted Business Partners

    We have an extensive network of partners and service providers, specialising in certificate attestation processes. Rest is assured that we can get your certificate attestation requirements delivered at unmatchable speed.