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Business Formation services across the globe

Our Services

Company Formation

We provide assistance to our Clients with Company Incorporation Services under any of the business structures like W.L.L. / Shareholding, Branch, Partnership and Joint Venture in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, and Saudi. By providing related documentation services, we make the procedures much easier. You can now save time by getting Company Formation done and utilise that time and effort on your business.
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PRO Services

We provide PRO and Professional Services to both national and multinational companies with utmost efficiency and precision.As a provider of PRO Services, we become your contact with government departments and advise you on right course of action in all cases like dealing with documents in Labour, Immigration, other government departments and renewal of respective documents before the due date for avoiding risk of fines.

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Certificate Attestation

We provide assistance in attestation of all kinds of documents (personal, educational, and commercial) in over 100 Countries including India, U.S.A, UK, Canada, Philippines, Switzerland, Australia, etc… We collaborate strategically and operationally with our business tie-up agents all over the world and thus we offer best and feasible service at the easiest.

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Good Standing Certificate

We are one of the agencies specializing in offering assistance in getting Good standing certificates all over the globe. This particular document helps in demonstrating the character before the concerned authority in the goal country. Thus the individuals can make their immigration process much smoother and easier.

Apostile Services

An Apostille is a modernised type of global documentation utilized by the Hague Convention nations for avoiding the utilization of unlawful foreign documents. Certificate Apostille takes place when we want to study or work in any Hague Convention nation.’Apostille’ is a widespread certificate verification method and now it is utilized in around 100 nations.

Embassy Services

We are specialized in Embassy Services related mainly with Educational Documents like Educational Certificates. Transcripts, Transfer Certificate, etc.., Personnel Documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, etc.., Commercial Documents like Company Documents, Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Partnership Deed, etc. 

Notary Attestation

Notarization is the first step in document authentication and we provide this service through a Certified Lawyer specifically on Affidavits, Declarations, Undertakings, Power of Attorney, True Copy etc… for making the document legalized for further proceedings.

Visa Stamping Services

Visa Stamping is a process in which visa is affixed in the passport. We are doing Visa Stamping services for Kuwait with Employment & Family visas and Saudi with Employment, Business & Family visas.A visa is a document showing that a person is authorized to enter the region for which it was issued, subject to approval of an immigration official at the time of actual entry.

Translation Services

We provide translation services to both individuals and corporate entities mainly with Personal Documents like marriage, death & birth certificates and Commercial Documents like Deeds, Power of Attorney, invoices & other company documents, for immigration and employment purposes. We deal with document translation in 100 plus languages like English, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese etc… 

PAN Card Services

PAN Card is required for a large number of activities, both financial as well as non-financial like IT Returns Filing, Opening a bank account, buying or selling a motor vehicle, Applying for a credit or debit card, purchases of jewelry, Making investments, Proof of Identity, Foreign Exchange, Buying and selling of Property, Loans, Fixed Deposits, Cash Deposits, Cash Deposits, Insurance Payments, etc…

Credential Evaluation Services

We professionally offers Credential Evaluation services by placing brilliant individuals at your disposal for knowledgeable assistance and guidance. Credential Evaluation helps you to showcase your educational accomplishments with a verified report that is both accepted and respected by licensing boards, academic institutions, and employers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Good Standing Certificate for Nurses

A good standing certificate confirms a person’s lawful behavior and adherence to local regulations and acceptable behavior in a community. It has now become a compulsory requirement for nurses applying for a new job in the other countries like Australia, Ireland etc… to obtain a good standing certificate from the places they have lived and worked.

Nursing Registration Renewal

Nurses and midwives practising without registration are taking a significant legal risk, being on the register is key to enabling high standards of care, because the public trust you to take care of them when they are at their most vulnerable, it gives you the recognition of your professional qualification and it unites all nurses and midwives, empowering you to argue or demand for your patients, clients and the community.



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Helpline Group, through its 20+ years of operations, has gained a name of trust and reputation among its clientele. We provide globally integrated services, including certificate attestation, apostille, police clearance certificates, good standing certificates, visa applications, and company formation services. Helpline Group has a strong presence across the globe, with strong penetration throughout the Middle East, in addition to Europe, the U.S., the UK. India, and Canada.

Helpline Group is continuously expanding its global presence, along with its global client and service portfolio. Helpline Group is your partner in your global corporate and individual service needs.

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Global Presence

Our extensive global presence with a strong presence across the Gulf Region, the U.S, Europe, and Canada makes it easy for us to coordinate our services and deliver your requirements on time.

Valuable Ideas/Support

Helpline Group has a strong foundation built on experience and knowledge, which can be used for your advantage through our suggestions and recommendations for your needs of various services.

Quality Services

We have developed a strong system of certificate attestation process to deliver superior quality and customer satisfaction. These processes help us deliver superior reliability, accuracy and quality to customers.

Trusted Business Partners

We have an extensive network of partners and service providers, specialising in certificate attestation processes. Rest is assured that we can get your certificate attestation requirements delivered at unmatchable speed.