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Trading and Contracting companies have turned out to be lucrative ventures for modern day businesses as well as for innovative entrepreneurs . Kuwait , being a business friendly nation has presented immense opportunities in the avenues of trading and  contracting . One of the most important methods of company formation has been the Limited Liability Company in Kuwait (WLL) which gives maximum flexibility to the foreign owner . In this method of partnership , the Kuwaiti local partner will own around 51 % of the shares and the foreign partner will own the remaining shares .

Since the WLL form of partnership is non taxable and also involves no corporate tax , this is the most preferred form of partnership preferred by modern day entrepreneurs and businessman.

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  • It should be formed between two or more partners and the partners must have a clear track record.
  • The foreign partner must have a valid residency visa
  • The managing partner must not be an employee of government and also should submit a proof of payment of capital.
  • The documents has to be submitted to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.
  • The company must also be registered with the Commercial Agencies Register that falls under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.




Helpline Group is one of the best agencies that has managed to become one of the top class agencies in Kuwait for business purposes , documentations etc . It has the services of some of the most experienced staff that caters to the demands and requirements of the clients . As obtaining the license for Contracting company in Kuwait is always a tedious process , Helpline Group helps to overcome all difficulties and helps the clients to get their entire paperwork and documentations done within a quick span of time .

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Helpline Group offers Trading License Service in Kuwait and various other locations. Working with the Helpline Group would save your valuable time, efforts and finances as well. Contact us for the procedural details, the required documents and any other queries. Our Customer Support Team would get back to you shortly to resolve your queries and let you know what best we can offer.