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Iran Good Standing Certificate (PCC)

  • It is to be seen whether the applicant has a criminal record or not
  • It is also required to be a part of the visa process by the respective High Commission or embassy
  • Department of Penal Records and Amnesty issue Police Clearance Certificate
  • It also involves Iranian Police Force
  • A person applying for an immigration status to other countries also require this PCC
  • The period of stay in Iran should also be mentioned
  • A proof of stay with Documentary proof is also required
  • First Entry and Last Exit date STAMP is also required
  • All colored copy of VISA should be submitted

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Procedure for getting it:

  • A letter should be written to Iranian Embassy stating your requirement for PCC
  • A written disclosure request should be sent to Iranian Embassy
  • The full name of the applicant stating the place, date and period of all residences in Iran should be furnished
  • An attestation letter is required from Embassy by the Iranian Police Authority
  • The process takes 2-3 weeks if no criminal record is found
  • The certificates are posted to the forwarding address

Documents required:

  • The purpose should be in the letter form
  • An application form in full completed application
  • Work permit shown as a valid document
  • A new color photograph
  • A passport copy
  • A set of applicant’s fingerprint impressions
  • A detailed letter stating the period of stay
  • Identity card in clear and colored copy

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