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Iceland Good Standing Certificate (PCC)


 A Police Clearance Certificate serves as an important document for immigration and visa purposes. In the case of Iceland, the National Criminal Register (NCR) records the decisions of criminal cases. The NCR is maintained by the Director of Public Prosecutions. The PCC is issued by the National Criminal Registry Government Agency. It certifies that the candidate has never been involved in any criminal activity that required the participation of the Icelandic National Police.

 Certain proof of documentation for this particular stay is to be provided. The stamps for first entry and the last date of stay are to be recorded. The PCC can be issued only to an individual who resided in Iceland for more than 6 months.

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Procedure for Obtaining a PCC

For procuring a Police Clearance Certificate Iceland, applicants should complete the designated application form. The form is to be filled with black ink and in block capital letters. After the complete form fill up is done, an officer from the lab will obtain the candidate’s fingerprint impressions that are to be posted in the application form.

Documents Required for PCC

  • Letter providing the period of stay in Iceland
  • Complete application form
  • Licensed copy of Icelandic ID Card (if any)
  • Certified copy of any work permit
  • Attested copy of the candidate’s passport by noted officials
  • Fingerprint impressions of both hands
  • Description form attested by noted officials
  • Letter from the embassy requesting the “criminal status” of the applicant

Obtaining an Iceland Good Standing Certificate, also known as a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Iceland, is a crucial step for individuals seeking to establish their credibility and adherence to legal standards. Referred to as Iceland PCC or Iceland Police Clearance Certificate, this document serves as tangible evidence of an individual’s law-abiding behavior during their time in Iceland. Whether for immigration, employment, or personal validation, the Iceland Good Standing Certificate holds significant importance. To acquire this essential certificate, applicants must navigate a specific process outlined by Icelandic authorities. This involves submitting the necessary documentation, undergoing comprehensive background checks, and adhering to the directives set by Iceland’s law enforcement agencies. Recognized both nationally and internationally as proof of good conduct, the Iceland PCC provides assurance to various entities, facilitating interactions and transactions. Whether departing from Iceland or engaging with the country, obtaining your Iceland Good Standing Certificate can open doors to a range of opportunities and endeavors.

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