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Guatemala Good Standing Certificate (PCC)


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You need a PCC from Guatemala? Well, the Criminal Records Unit, Ministry of Interior Guatemala will issue it and for that you have to apply online with the following important essentials


  1. Filled prescribed application form with black ink in CAPITAL LETTERS with all furnished personal details
  2. Most recent passport sized, coloured, borderless photograph with white background.
  3. A letter explaining why he/she requires the PCC
  4. A valid document for proof of work permit or dependent pass
  5. A letter of consent authorizing us to collect the PCC on behalf of him/her
  6. Proof of his/her staying in the Guatemala and the duration of staying
  7. Colour photocopy of all pages of his/her VISA
  8. First entry and Last exit day stamp by authority of Guatemala
  9. A photocopy of valid identity card of Guatemala (if any)
  10. Photocopies of first three pages of his/her passport

As an applicant what you should do at the beginning? Well, you must submit a letter requesting for the PCC.

Why the PCC is helpful? Well, because it will waive all the criminal charges against you and give you the license to migrate to another country.

Acquiring a Guatemala Good Standing Certificate, commonly referred to as a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Guatemala, is a vital step for individuals seeking to establish their credibility and compliance with legal requirements. Known as Guatemala PCC or Guatemala Police Clearance Certificate, this document serves as tangible evidence of an individual’s lawful behavior during their time in Guatemala. Whether for immigration, employment, or personal validation, the Guatemala Good Standing Certificate holds substantial significance. It attests that the holder has maintained an unblemished record and has adhered to the legal regulations and guidelines of the country. To obtain this essential certificate, applicants must follow a specific process outlined by Guatemalan authorities. Recognized both locally and internationally as proof of good conduct, the Guatemala PCC provides assurance to various entities, facilitating interactions and transactions. Whether departing from Guatemala or engaging with the country, obtaining your Guatemala Good Standing Certificate can unlock diverse opportunities and ventures.

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