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Greenland Good Standing Certificate (PCC)


Greenland enumerates whether or not someone has taken part in any illegal activity. Ministry of justice, Greenland issues the Police Clearance Certificate.

The individual who are born in Greenland, or the individual from outside can also apply for their PCC through embassy of Greenland. The Criminal data are being maintained by the Ministry of Justice of Greenland.


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The procedure of getting a PCC is given below

If the applicant is residing in Greenland and need a PCC then he needs to send a request in disclosure to the police headquarters, stating his requirement of having a PCC. All the basic details and contact information about the applicant should be mentioned, including the period of residence in Greenland. The Department of Justice requires an attested letter that proves the period of applicants stay in Greenland. The PCC will later be posted to the address as mentioned by the applicant in the application letter.

Acquiring a Greenland Good Standing Certificate, often known as a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Greenland, is a crucial step for individuals aiming to establish their credibility and adherence to legal standards. Referred to as Greenland PCC or Greenland Police Clearance Certificate, this document serves as tangible evidence of an individual’s lawful behavior during their time in Greenland. Whether for immigration, employment, or personal validation, the Greenland Good Standing Certificate holds significant importance. It attests that the holder has maintained an unblemished record and has followed the legal regulations and guidelines of the country. To obtain this essential certificate, applicants must navigate a specific process outlined by Greenlandic authorities. This involves submitting the required documentation, undergoing comprehensive background checks, and adhering to the directives set by Greenland’s law enforcement agencies. Recognized both locally and potentially internationally as proof of good conduct, the Greenland PCC offers assurance to various entities, facilitating interactions and transactions. 

Some of the mandatory documents required are


  1. Recent coloured passport size photograph with no border and white background.
  2. Fill the application form with the personal particulars, in BLOCK LETTERS.
  3. If the applicant is having a representative then he will need an authorization letter that will state the representative is there on his behalf.
  4. The Police station or Notary Public should attest the current photocopies of the applicant’s passport.
  5. A self-explanatory letter of the applicant stating his residence details in Greenland and the reason  for applying PCC
  6. Greenland identity card copy and work permit.

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