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Attesting your degree certificates by the concerned authorities and agencies of the government of Kuwait is inevitable if you are planning to move to the territory for any academic, professional or business purpose. When it comes to your educational certificates, it becomes quite important to move carefully and follow all the set of rules and regulations as per the government authorities. Therefore, most of the applicants might seek professional support to get their educational certificates attested. Helpline Group is one such reliable consulting agency where you can blindly assign your attestation tasks with. Since we handle the educational certificates, particularly the degree certificate attestation in Kuwait, our executives always give a special concern to completing the processes on time without any delay by avoiding all probable complications. 

Why do you need your degree certificate attested?

Your degree certificate may not belong to the educational institutions registered in the national territory of Kuwait. Hence, attesting the degree certificate is a process of validating your degree certificate before the government of Kuwait abides by all the prescribed rules and regulations of the Kuwait government. On approaching the Helpline Group, you can always have the support and guidance of our executives in getting your degree certificates attested since they are well versed in the entire procedure of the same. Degree certificate attestation in Kuwait requires the transferring of your certificate originals from one authority to the other seeking their authentication with the respective signatures and official seals. 

The process of degree certificate attestation

The process of the certificate attestation is long and tiresome and it may take more time than expected especially if you are new to the procedure. The degree certificate attestation is not a simple process where you can complete all the formalities from a single destination. The procedure begins from the country of origin of the certificate in Kuwait. And also there are various levels of authentication required demanding the services from multiple departments, ministries, officials and organizations. In the case of the educational certificates issued by the organisations coming under the government of India, the certificate needs authorization from the ministries and departments such as State Attestation by Human Resource Department, Ministry of External Affairs, Kuwait Embassy located in the New Delhi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the government of Kuwait and Ministry of Justice in Kuwait. Being particular to the degree certificate attestation in Kuwait, the authorities also demand a translated copy of the degree certificate to complete the process of attestation. For that, your certificate is also handed over to a governmental agency that does the legal translation in Kuwait. 

The process of attesting your degree certificates for Kuwait is generally covered in two major steps. The second step of the attestation procedure includes services of several agencies and authorities of both the government such as Notary attestation from New Delhi, attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), validation from Kuwait Embassy at New Delhi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait and Ministry of Justice in Kuwait. The second step of the attestation procedure also includes the services of the legal translation Kuwait which ensures the retention of the copy of your degree certificate in the national language of Kuwait. 

Document requirements for Degree Certificate Attestation in Kuwait

The documentation part included in the process of attesting the degree certificates is quite intricate and must be carried out only by professionals since they can be updated about the improvisations made by the authorities to date. Generally, you need;

  • Original degree certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Your Recent photograph