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Import Code in Kuwait


If you are planning to form a business in Kuwait to import goods, it is significant to understand how to get an Import License in Kuwait. There is a specified procedure that you need to follow to get a license for importing goods to Kuwait. Again, an import code would be allotted to your business entity. The import code authorizes your company to import goods.

This import code is a mandatory requirement for clearance of the imported goods at the international ports. Helpline Group renders expert advice and assistance to get the import code and for the other necessary formalities.

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The Import requirements in Kuwait

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issues the Import-Export License in Kuwait. Your company needs to get the license before starting your commercial operations in Kuwait. Again, your company needs to register with the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well. Your registration with KCCI is mandatory for clearance of imported goods at the ports.

The commercial invoice, certificate of origin, packing list, a bill of landing or an airway bill are necessary for clearance of the imported goods at the port.

Type of goods to be imported

The nature of the goods you are planning to import to Kuwait is another significant matter of concern. The Government of Kuwait has certain norms regarding the goods and commodities to be imported. Some goods are allowed, some goods require special approval for import and some types of goods are not allowed in Kuwait.

For import of industrial machinery and spares, it is necessary to obtain an import license separately from the Public Authority of Industry. Similarly, the corresponding ministries and agencies in Kuwait issue import licenses for the import of specialized goods such as firearms, explosives, pharmaceuticals, exotic or wild animals.

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Necessary documents for obtaining an Import Code

It is also vital to understand what are the documents required for getting Import Code in Kuwait. You can get in touch with the Helpline Group to get the specific checklist of the documents required for different types and classes of goods to be imported in Kuwait. 

Furnishing the necessary supporting documents along with your Application for Import Code is an important step. Precise and detailed information at the right time helps you to avoid procedural delays. So, Helpline Group is committed to help you to acquire Import Code as early as possible complying with the norms honestly.