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It is presently obligatory for all Indian native to have their PAN (Permanent Account Number) registered. It is viewed as an important report for dealing with tax purposes, the genuine utilization of PAN can stretch out to utilizing as a way to deal with finances in India in general. For example, you might be approached to show your PAN at the bank if you are initiating a transfer or deposit of a large amount.

Importance of Indian pan card from Kuwait

There is a lot of reason that request you to present a PAN card. These may go from filing income tax returns to depositing money in the bank or even getting credit, regardless of whether little or vast. You may likewise require a PAN whether you are employed in the private sector, public sector, or even run a business.

Documents required for pan card India from Kuwait

  1. Pan card application form  (49A)
  2. Bank statement in the residential address in residing place within 3 months
  3. Recent passport size photo
  4. Kuwait ID copy
  5. Passport copy
  6. Contact Number & Email ID


Why PAN Card is required

  • Obtain a new credit card
  • Application of a loan (housing loan, personal loan, business name, or car loan)
  • Transferring funds of more than Rs. 49,999 through a bank
  • Filing income tax return
  • To register, purchase, or sell a property (house, office, commercial complexes and land)


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