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The advent of ‘Company Formation Services’ has been a helping hand for various businessman as well as entrepreneurs in developing their business goals as well as aspirations into reality. The advent of various businesses helps in generating numerous employment opportunities for various different corners of the world and provides a substantial boost to the economy of the nation.
The setting up of businesses within a region helps in attracting investments from various different corners of the world and provides an increased development in various economic activities within the country.


Kuwait is one of the few developed countries that are located in the Middle Eastern region which has been successful in providing employment opportunities in various different spheres such as Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Heavy Metals, Financial Services etc.
This has led to an increase in migration of people from different parts of the world in search of better avenues as well as opportunities. Some of the permissible type of business entities that are allowed to operate are as follows
• Limited Liabilities Companies
• Shareholding Companies
• Branch Company
• Partnership Company
• Joint Venture Companies
The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the most popular form of business entities in Kuwait which is preferred by foreign investors and businessman for company formation. The maximum percentage of shares owned by a foreign partner is 49% in LLC form of Company and allows larger flexibility in running of the firm. The shareholder is only liable for the debts up to the extent of the shares that they hold in an organization.