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Engineering Consultancy License in Kuwait

Do you wish to operate your Engineering Consultancy Service in Kuwait? Obtaining Engineering Consultancy License in Kuwait is mandatory for such commercial entities. Helpline Group assists you to acquire this license from the concerned authority. We possess an extensive experience of over two decades in this industry.

Procedure to obtain an Engineering Consultancy License in Kuwait

The Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) is authorized to issue the Engineering Consultancy License in Kuwait. Helpline Group, discuss your requirements and business goals. We suggest you the best industry practices and assist you with the paperwork for obtaining the license.

  • You need to acquire the Certificate of National Labour Percentage, issued by Public Authority of Manpower.
  • Your Engineering Consultancy should obtain affiliation with the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Similarly, you need to obtain a Commercial License specifying the nature of your business.
  • You also need to submit your Memorandum of Association and the corresponding Articles of Association if available.
  • Additionally, you need to submit a document specifying the Authorized Signatory, in the prescribed format.
  • You also need to submit the Registration Document of your Engineering Consulting Company for acquiring Engineering Consultancy License in Kuwait.

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The talented and experienced executives from the Helpline Group would be with you during every step. They help you to complete the necessary formalities, fill in your application form for the Engineering Consultancy License in Kuwait and submit your supporting documents as well.

Required documents and approval

There are different norms for the local and foreign entities, willing to operate as Engineering Consultancies in Kuwait. You can get in touch with the Helpline Group for the exact details of required documents depending upon your nature of business and incorporation.

Your application is thoroughly verified by CAPT, and if your application is complete and correct in all respects, you receive an email to deposit the corresponding fees for an Engineering Consultancy License in Kuwait. On payment of the fees by the specified modes, you can receive your License by email.

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Helpline Group offers expert strategic advice for an Engineering Consultancy License in Kuwait and several other International Locations. You can express your concerns filling in the Enquiry Form, and our Customer Support Team would get back to you shortly to resolve your queries and to let you know what best we can offer.