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Helpline Group is a committed educational center in Kuwait that aims to provide services to educational entrepreneurs in setting up of schools as well as businesses. It plays important in the development of young minds as well as in providing them with modern day education.

The economic and  social prosperity of Kuwait has enabled it to become one of the biggest achievements in the field of education as well as creating newer advancements in the education sector.



A four year (BA/BS) Degree is generally required for candidates aspiring to opt for a teaching job in Kuwait . Some schools also prefers candidates with a master’s degree.

Also ,it is required for the candidates to obtain a TEFL Certification which makes them to apply for jobs in schools .

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In Kuwait , the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been set up in order to permit license for educational institutions. The application process is sent to various government institution for clearance and then an educational license is permitted.

Helpline Group helps in carrying out the complex documentation procedure and also helps to provide essential and unique services for the clients and helps the clients to save their time with their efficient services at affordable costs. It has an expert set of legal team that helps to overcome the difficulties faced by the candidate and helps to overcome the problems faced by them in getting their documents ready.

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Helpline Group offers Business Service in Kuwait and various other locations. Working with the Helpline Group would save your valuable time, efforts and finances as well. Contact us for the procedural details, the required documents and any other queries. Our Customer Support Team would get back to you shortly to resolve your queries and let you know what best we can offer.