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Clinic License in Kuwait

Are you a qualified doctor or dentist, and willing to start your own Open Clinic in Kuwait? Initially, you need to understand how to get a Healthcare License. Apart from your qualification and experience in the medical speciality, it is mandatory to obtain a Clinic License in Kuwait to operate your clinic independently.

Helpline Group assists you with Private Hospital Registration in Kuwait and also for obtaining a Clinic License in Kuwait from the Medical License Department in the Ministry of Health. Our team organizing the service is well acquainted with the procedures and remains with you in every step, for obtaining a License for your clinic.

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Procedure for obtaining a Clinic License in Kuwait

Healthcare Facilities Licensing in Kuwait involves several steps and approvals. Helpline Group works with you closely to determine your eligibility for the License, and also helps you to: 

  • Fill in your application, 
  • Submission of all necessary supporting documents 
  • Registration of your Clinic and 
  • Obtaining the primary approval from the Ministry of Health to start your clinic.

Requirements and Approvals

The Ministry of Health, Government of Kuwait issues Clinic License in Kuwait to the eligible clinics that comply with the quality standards and other requirements. There are some other approvals you need to obtain to complete the Private Hospital Registration in Kuwait.

Healthcare Facilities Licensing in Kuwait involves various steps. It is necessary to obtain an initial approval to set up your clinic from the Ministry of Health. Again, you also need to get approvals from various other Government authorities to ensure the compliance for health and safety standards as well.

Primary Approval and Professional License

You can get in touch with the Helpline Group for the exact details of documentation. Healthcare Facilities Licensing procedure Kuwait includes the initial primary approval, valid for six months from the Medical License Committee. 

Thereafter, you need to equip your clinic thoroughly as per the norms of the concerned authorities. Again, you need to appoint concerned Healthcare Staff and technicians to take up the responsibilities. During this phase, Helpline Group renders expert advice to let you know the terms and norms of the Medical License Committee.

Finally, an expert panel of the Medical License Committee conducts a physical inspection of your clinic. You need to successfully meet all requirements, to operate as a professional, in terms of the facilities in your clinic for a medical speciality. On payment of the specified fees, the Clinic License in Kuwait would be issued after this inspection and approval by the authorities.

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