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Clearing & Forwarding License in Kuwait


It is mandatory to obtain Clearing and Forwarding License in Kuwait, for corresponding commercial activities. Helpline Group has a significant history of assisting enormous corporate clients willing to operate in Kuwait, for obtaining this license from the concerned authorities. 

It is vital to understand the procedure and requirements for this license and the corresponding approvals. If you wish to start a new venture or expand your existing business and work as a Clearing and Forwarding Agency in Kuwait, it would be a wise decision to select the Helpline Group as your strategic partner.

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Procedure for obtaining Clearing and Forwarding License in Kuwait

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait issues the Import-Export License to your Clearing and Forwarding Agency. At the same time, you need to obtain license for the particular type of goods to be imported. Some types of goods are free to import, and some are restricted, while some categories of goods are not permitted. 

As a matter of policy, your firm needs to be affiliated with the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industries as well. The Helpline Group assists you with the procedures, saving your valuable time, efforts, resources and money as well.

Expert assistance for completing the formalities in time

Helpline Group proudly associates with clients for accomplishing the procedure to obtain Import-Export License and to complete other formalities. Our experienced executives are acquainted with the procedures and paperwork. We assist you with your applications and follow up with the concerned authorities and get your Clearing & Forwarding License in Kuwait well in time.

Helpline Group is a reputed agency possessing in extensive experience of over two decades. We have a diversified service portfolio, and aspiring companies willing to start their new ventures in Kuwait, involving in import and export activities can reach us for further details.

The Helpline Group renders expert advice and assistance for registering your company as a Clearing and Forwarding Agency, registration with the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce and industries and acquiring Clearing and Forwarding License in Kuwait with utmost professional approach. 

We proudly offer the services in the most honest yet professional manner, at the most competitive prices. You can continue with your core and productive business set-up activities, while our expert team would handle the procedure on your behalf in a trustworthy, professional and honest manner. We are committed to let you proceed with your business activities in Kuwait at the earliest.

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