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The classification of the companies was done by Kuwait Central agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) to maintain the competency level of contractors that works in different ministries of the State of Kuwait .A committee was set up in order to classify the contractors on roads, sewage ,electricity ,air conditioning and construction works according to the approved standards.



The standards that are prescribed by the Classification Committee for contractors in the tenders of ministries of the State of Kuwait area as follows

  • The financial condition of the company and organisation
  • The organisation structure
  • Structure and job designation of the company
  • The equipment and warehouses owned by the firm/company
  • Field inspection should be conducted on exsisting projects

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  • The company or the organisation has to be owned by a Kuwaiti.
  • The company should have a working period of atleast three years
  • The company must be well specialised in the category of their application
  • The capital amount of the company must be atleast 50,000 KD.



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