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Brand Registration in Kuwait
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Brand Registration in Kuwait

If you are a business entity operating in Kuwait, your Brand and Trademark would be the most significant identities for you. You need to register your Brand with the concerned authorities of the Kuwaiti Government before its official use. There is a proper process for Brand Registration in Kuwait that you need to understand and follow.

You can choose a Brand name for your product range and get it registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait. This registration confirms your ownership of the Brand and protects your rights for its use. 

Let us figure out the steps involved in the process of Brand Registration in Kuwait:

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Procedure for Brand Registration in Kuwait

Application phase: Your Company needs to provide detailed information about the Brand and the corresponding Trademark. The authorized signatory needs to sign the power of attorney, so that our professionals can represent you at the Trademark Office for Brand Registration in Kuwait at the Trademark Office.

We would assist you with filing the Brand and Trademark Registration application and send you a copy of the application as well. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait governs the process of Brand Registration in Kuwait through Law No. 13 of 2015, published in the official Gazette Issue 1228, on March 22, 2015.

Examination phase: Your application for Brand Registration in Kuwait would be thoroughly examined for correctness of the details. Similarly, the Trademark Office also examines the proposed Trademark for your business, with the previously registered Brands and Trademarks. 

This scrutiny is to avoid confusion due to similarities in the colour scheming, phonetic pronunciation, and appearance of your Brand and Trademark. Again, the authority also checks whether the words, names, images or emblems used in your Brand and Trademark are not objectionable.

Publication phase: After scrutinizing your application, the authorities publish the Brand. Any entities can file their appeals opposing your Brand, within the period of the next 60 days. If the Brand and Trademark are not opposed by anyone, it would be approved for registration.

Registration of your Brand: If no one objects to your Brand and Trademark, your Brand would be duly registered. In case of any claims against your Brand and Trademark, our professionals would protect your rights. We make sure that the claims arising against your Brand would be settled in your favour. Usually, it requires a period of about two months for Brand Registration in Kuwait.

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