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Attestation Service Provider in Kuwait

Certificate Attestation

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If you are looking for Certificate Attestation services in Kuwait, we at Helpline Group are there to assist you.Kuwait is a developing country and is recognized as a constitutional emirate. Numerous people frequently visit the country for a variety of reasons. Anyone who wants to enter the country must complete the Kuwait attestation process. 

What is an attestation service?

Attestation is a method to verify documents before you enter a foreign country. There are three different types of certificate attestation, commercial certificate attestation, non-educational certificate attestation, and educational certificate attestation. Each certificate’s authentication by Kuwait follows a separate procedure. Each certificate is different, and it depends on the country that issued the paperwork. Some of the personal certificate attestations includes degree certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

If you want to apply for Kuwait attestation, you must provide the original certificate and a copy of your passport. The process of certificate attestation must be done by your home country where the certificate was issued. Occasionally, the verification processes and times vary depending on the rules that are set forth in each country.

Degree Certificate Attestation in Kuwait

People who want to study or work abroad must get degrees attested to move overseas. Helpline Group offers quick, inexpensive, reliable, and timely degree attestation services. Our qualified team plans the official services, including document collection from the applicant, document analysis, and forwarding the documents to the appropriate government agencies for attestation.

You must provide us with a copy of your passport, your original degree certificate, and, if necessary, an authorization letter to the Helpline Group. We will transfer the certificate to the State Human Resource Department to obtain the State HRD attestation. The MEA then completes the authentication of the degree certificate attestation for Kuwait once State HRD shares the certificate with it. You will get the certificate duly attested after MEA certifies the paperwork which will then be forwarded to Kuwait embassy. The Kuwait embassy will then place an embassy stamp to complete the verification process.

Birth Certificate Attestation in Kuwait

If you are planning to relocate to Kuwait for work or residency, you must first complete the Kuwaiti birth certificate attestation process. A birth certificate’s legitimacy is verified as part of this process by having it confirmed by several authorities. A birth certificate is necessary since it serves as legal documentation of a person’s identity, parentage, and place of birth. Moving the Kuwait birth attestation process along is crucial because birth certificate attestation for Kuwait is also required if you’re looking for a passport or other document.

The Helpline Group is always available to assist you with the birth certificate attestation procedure. All candidates need to do is submit their authentic birth certificate online or offline ways to our office. We will then finish the birth certificate attestation process by sending your document to the Kuwait Embassy, MEA, and State Home Department.

The document will be verified by the State Home Department before being sent to the MEA for MEA verification. The certificate will be forwarded to the Kuwaiti embassy following MEA authentication. Finally, the legitimacy of the paper will also be confirmed by the Kuwaiti embassy.

Marriage Certificate Attestation in Kuwait

Obtaining a marriage certificate’s attestation in Kuwait is necessary for a number of reasons, including those related to employment, immigration, or the law. As part of the attestation process for marriage certificates, an agency recognized by the MEA confirms the validity of the relevant authorities. As a licensed organization by the MEA, Helpline Group is fully qualified to request a marriage certificate attestation for Kuwait on your behalf.

You can use either the offline option or the online mode to provide all the necessary documents for attestation. This includes your original marriage certificate, passport copy, or authorization letter. The State Home Department will then finish the first stage of attestation by verifying the legality of the certificate after which it will be forwarded to the MEA. The MEA will then verify and proceed with the marriage certificate attestation process. The certificate will now be approved and legalized by MEA, who will stamp it with their approval. In the very end, your marriage certificate attestation for Kuwait is verified by the Kuwaiti embassy which will later place a stamp on it completing the attestation process.

What are the purposes of Kuwait attestation?

  1. Education Certificates
  • To get a work visa or labor card for the majority of the position.
  • To pursue higher education in Kuwait.
  • To compose exams by medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, etc. for the MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Department of Health).
  • Due to migration.

    2.Vital or Non-educational certificates:
  • To obtain a home visa for one’s spouse, kids, and in-laws.
  • To admission purposes
  • For work purposes

    3.Commercial documents
  • To be granted the ability to sell homes in one’s own country.
  • Because of the LLC association’s termicountry, the Home Country partner does not want to grow the business.
  • To open bank accounts.
  • For registering a business.

Procedures for Kuwait Attestation

  1. Educational certificates
  • HRD (Human Resource Department)/ SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate).
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation.
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).B) Non-educational certificates:
  • Notary attestation.
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation.
  • Embassy Attestation.
  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).C) Commercial certificates:
  • Chamber of commerce.
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation.
  • Embassy Attestation.
  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

To finalize the Kuwait attestation, the relevant authorities will sign and seal the documents. It is crucial to adhere to all Kuwait attestation regulations for the procedure to be successfully completed. This is to prevent any future documentation issues.

Required documents for the Kuwait Certificate Attestation process

Only original certificates are eligible to bear the Kuwait Consulate stamp. All seals and signs must be visible and clear. Also, certificates must not have any peculiar markings.

Personal Documents

  1. Degree, birth, marriage certificate
  2. Passport photocopy

Commercial documents

  1. Original documents
  2. Covering letter

How long does Kuwait’s attestation procedure take?

There are several steps involved in obtaining the Kuwaiti Embassy verification certificate. Before receiving the final consular stamp, the Certificate must first undergo some required primary legalization from several authorized departments. As a result, the process of Certificate Attestation in Kuwait takes 15 to 20 working days. The length of time depends on the type of document and the location where it was issued, though there are a few ways to expedite the procedure such as hiring an attestation service provider like Helpline Group.

The Helpline Group can handle all the necessary procedures. We will take care of everything so that you can unwind and relax or focus on other important things.

How can the Helpline Group assist you?

Helpline Group can attest all of your documents, both educational and non-educational from the respective regulatory authorities. As one of the top attestation services, we will help you easily complete the certificate attestation without any hassles.

We assist you with dealing with all forms of certificate attestation including degree, birth, and marriage. We provide a variety of attestation services, including HRD authentication, MEA attestation, Apostille attestation, and attestation by the Kuwait embassy.

If you are looking for a certificate attestation service provider in Kuwait, feel free to call us at +965 60305558.