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Assistance for UAE Visa Application Services

Work Visa? Employment Visa? Visiting Visa? Family Visa? All your Visa queries end here. Helpline Group is the “go to” service provider for all your visa application needs in the U.A.E.

  • UAE Visiting Visa for Citizens of GCC and residents
  • UAE Visiting Visa for Citizens of Western Europe and Pacific Rim
  • Visa for UAE Migration
  • Entry Service Permit Visa

Helpline Group can assist you in your Visa application needs, according to your requirements and goals, as well as in a legally suitable manner to obtain your visa for U.A.E

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Visa and Migration Services and Rules in U.A.E

We understand how confusing it can be, to obtain the right type of visa. This can be even more challenging when there are too many options available for a person. While people from some countries do require a visa to enter the UAE, people from a very specific list of countries are not required to have a visa to enter the UAE. There are very different rules depending on your country of origin, your country status, your purpose of visit and so on. People from the following countries do not require a visa to enter the U.A.E.


AndorraAustraliaAustriaBelgiumBruneiCanadaDenmarkHong Kong
FranceGermanyGreeceHollandIcelandIrelandItalyNew Zealand
JapanLiechtainLuxembourgMalaysiaMonacoNorwayPortugalUnited Kingdom
SingaporeVaticanSan MarinoSpainSwedenSwitzerlandSouth KoreaUnited States of America

Visiting Visa in UAE

To obtain a visiting visa, one shall get a valid sponsor within the UAE. It is the sponsor who normally applies for a visiting on behalf of the applicant. Major sponsors in most cases include hotels and tourist companies, airline companies, commercial organisations, and people residing in the UAE. Applicants should pay the fees for visiting visa to the immigration department. This application fee is not refundable, irrespective of the status of the visa application come accepted or rejected.

Visiting Visa for GCC Citizens and Residents

If you belong to any of the GCC member countries, such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, you may enter and exit the UAE without a Visa. However, it is not to be confused as free entry and exit to a foreign country. Citizen from GCC member countries is still required to follow the rules prevailing in different areas, such as travelling, business visits and so on. For example, people of recognised job positions and social status, including business visitors, people engaged in travel and tourist activities, doctors, accountants, engineers, or employees working for reputed companies and their family members, drivers, or their servants sponsored by the respective person are eligible for such entry and exit provisions. People of labour status and visa do not have this freedom in the UAE.

Visiting Visa for Citizens of Western Europe and Pacific Rim

People from Western Europe and the Pacific Rim may obtain a single entry visa on arrival. Please refer to the above details for more information on who is eligible for single entry visa on arrival.

Entry Service Permit Visa to U.A.E

If your goal is to carry out business activities, such as negotiations, signing business agreements, or site visits, and if you are a representative of the management, or a person of managerial status (designation), or delegate to a company or an accountant of a business organisation, you may obtain an Entry Service Permit Visa to U.A.E. There are additional categorisation in terms of length of visa (short term for 30 days and long-term visa for 90 days). Talk to us for more details on this regard. You shall require a copy of a valid passport, a copy of your sponsor’s passport, travel insurance details and such to apply for an entry service permit visa to the U.A.E.


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