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 Assistance for Embassy Services

Embassy Services is perhaps one of the most availed as well as important processes in today’s globalized world. It has helped various people across the world in migrating to different countries in search of better opportunities and avenues. It has helped people to soar greater heights in their career without any sort of unwanted legal issues.

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Visa Services in

the Middle East

Helpline Group, with more than 20 years of experience, has grown from a small regional player to an International platform for multiple services, especially Visa services in India and the Middle East. Our strong expertise and heritage in the travel and tourism sector and document attestation services make us the No. 1 choice among our clients for the best reliable and professional service delivery.

Professional network of travel and immigration experts

Reliable service offerings and timely delivery

Visa service provider covering the entire Middle East

Service provider of all embassy and corporate services


End-to-end Visa Facilitation


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Professional Advice and Support


Save Time, Effort, and Money


Higher Chances of Visa Approval


Safe, Reliable, and Transparent


The term ‘Embassy Services’ refers to the various legal and documentation procedures that are conducted by the Embassy and is used to ensure that clients do not face any legal issues in any foreign country. The staff at Embassy looks into every issue or any legal problem that is faced by a person in foreign country and is the primary authority that is responsible for looking after the legal issues of expats.

Some of the primary responsibilities of the Embassy are as follows

  • Ensuring political and economic co-operation between two countries.
  • Creates suitable environment for various trade as well as investment opportunities in a foreign country.
  • Ensures increased cultural interaction among different nations and it’s citizens.
  • Ensures welfare for citizens of resident nations staying in the country.



The advent Of Embassy Services has played a crucial role in determining increased opportunities for various clients and has helped them in settling down professionally without any hassles or issues and has enabled them to move forward in their professional sphere of life.

The Embassy deals with various legal and documentation processes and is the final authority that permits the use of legal documents in the country. The Embassy Services has been instrumental in paving a path for various persons across the globe in migrating to different countries in search of better avenues and opportunities.

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Why choose us?

Here are some of the reasons why Helpline Groups is the best apostille service provider.

  1. Reputation – With more than 25 years in the field of providing services to clients worldwide, Helpline Group is one of the biggest brands in the industry. We have a successful track record and a good reputation for successfully assisting clients with the apostille process. You can check our online reviews.
  2. Customer service: We provide 24/7 customer support so no matter where you are, you can contact us and we will be ready to serve you.
  3. Budget and turnaround time – Compared to our competitors, we provide the best budget-friendly fees and quick turnaround time.
  4. Geographic coverage – No matter where you need your apostille service, we provide you with global coverage.
  5. Additional services – Apart from apostille service, we also provide additional services, such as document translation, notarization, or legalization. If you require these services, consider Helpline Group which will handle all of your needs in one place.

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Why Helpline Group?

Global Presence

Our extensive global presence with a strong presence across the Gulf Region, the U.S, Europe, and Canada makes it easy for us to coordinate our services and deliver your requirements on time.

Valuable Ideas/Support

Helpline Group has a strong foundation built on experience and knowledge, which can be used for your advantage through our suggestions and recommendations for your needs of various services, including Visa Processing and Applications. 


Quality Services

We have developed a strong system of Visa application process to deliver superior quality and customer satisfaction. These processes help us deliver superior reliability, accuracy and quality to customers.

Trusted Business Partners

We have an extensive network of partners and service providers, specialising in Visa applications and processes. Rest is assured that we can get your Visa application and process completed and delivered at as per legal conditions.