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Greece Good Standing Certificate (PCC)

Before you know anything about PCC you should know that “Antigrafo Poinikou Mitroou” is a Criminal Record Disclosure in Greece and PCC is also called a ‘Penal Record Certificate’, and the Ministry of Justice, Greece issues this certificate. Now here are few other facts about who could actually apply for a PCC, let’s have a look:

  • People who are born in Greece, outside of Greece or of undocumented birthplace can apply for it. It will certify that you have never been the part of any kind of anti-social activity or work.
  • People generally apply for the PCC when they need to immigrate to another country for any purpose.

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What procedure you should follow to get a PCC

  • A letter that’ll explain why Police Clearance Certificate is needed has to be submitted by the individual and should also provide the first and last date of exit STAMP.
  • The process also requires documentary proof of legal stay in the country
  • If an organization is doing on your behalf then a valid authorization letter should be there with your signature
  • The form should be written in BLOCK letters in black ink

What documents are mandatory for you?

  • Prescribed Application Form
  • Fingerprint impressions.
  • The Attested photocopies of the passport.
  • Certified copy of work and the description form.

A copy of Greece Identity Card along with your two recent passport size photos

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