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Company formation in Saudi Arabia

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Why Saudi Arabia?

Selecting Saudi Arabia for business ventures is a strategic choice driven by its dynamic economic landscape and untapped potential. The kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 initiative, coupled with robust infrastructure development, positions it as a lucrative market for diverse industries. With a burgeoning consumer base and a commitment to diversification, Saudi Arabia offers unparalleled opportunities for those seeking sustainable growth and international business success.


Company formation

Creating a company is like building a solid foundation for your business. It involves handling paperwork, enrollments, and legal details. Our expert team simplifies the process, guiding you through the steps to establish your business entity seamlessly. With our professional support, you can confidently turn your business idea into a legally recognized and well-structured company.

Company formation in Saudi Arabia

Establishing a business in Saudi Arabia involves navigating the kingdom’s regulatory landscape. Companies must adhere to stringent legal procedures, from obtaining the necessary licenses to defining corporate structures. The process demands a thorough understanding of local regulations and cultural nuances. Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning economy offers lucrative opportunities, but successful company formation hinges on meticulous planning and compliance with the kingdom’s business requirements.

Procedure to start up an entity in Saudi Arabia

  • Acquiring MISA License: Obtaining the necessary license tailored to your industry is crucial for ensuring the lawful operation of your business.
  • Choose Your Business Name: Develop a unique and formal identity for your organization, ensuring legal compliance and establishing a robust brand presence.
  • Legalize Articles of Association: Confirm the official acceptance of your Articles of Association to establish their legitimate and authorized status.
  • Commercial Registration: To engage in legitimate commercial activities, formally file your company through the required channels. 
  • Filing with the Chamber of Commerce: Mandatory enrollment with the Chamber of Commerce is essential to solidify your business’s official standing.
  • Listing with the Ministry of Labor: Businesses in Saudi Arabia must enroll with the Ministry of Labor to adhere to employment laws and regulations.
  • Issue the General Manager’s Visa: Facilitate swift approval for your General Manager’s residence permit and visa, managing essential labor documentation through the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
  • National Address Enrollment: Establish a recognized business address for inclusion in government records.
  • Filing with Qiwa Portal – Human Resources & Social Development: filing with the Qiwa platform to optimize the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development services, enhancing electronic solutions for the labor sector.
  • Filing with the Zakat, VAT & Corporate tax: Mandatory listing for tax compliance with the Zakat, VAT & Corporate tax for businesses operating in Saudi Arabia.


Company Seal

  • Muqeem Portal Listing: Streamline residency data management with Muqeem, ensuring real-time coordination with Saudi authorities for efficient entry and exit processes.
  • Absher Portal Filing: Access over 279 services for Saudi residents through the Absher portal, including appointments, passport renewals, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and more, all within a convenient application.
  • General Organization for Social Insurance Enrollment: Enroll with the General Organization for Social Insurance to guarantee the welfare of your workers.
  • Establishing Your Business Bank Account: Establish an exclusive bank account that handles all business-related financial transactions.

Types of corporate entities in KSA

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): An LLC provides limited liability to its owners, combining flexibility with liability protection for members’ assets.
  • Foreign Branch: A business expansion abroad, a foreign branch operates as an extension of its parent company, subject to local regulations.
  • GCC National Company: Exclusive to Gulf Cooperation Council countries, this entity type encourages local ownership, fostering economic development and regional business participation.
  • Representative Office: As a liaison, a representative office facilitates market research and promotion but cannot engage in profit-generating activities.
  • Joint Stock Company: Publicly traded or privately held, a joint-stock company issues shares, allowing multiple shareholders and promoting capital investment for larger-scale operations.
  • Establishment: refers to a sole proprietorship, where a single individual owns and operates the business, assuming full responsibility and control over its operations.

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