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Assistance for Qatar Visa Application Services

Work Visa? Employment Visa? Visiting Visa? Family Visa? All your Visa queries end here. Helpline Group is the “go to” service provider for all your visa application needs in Qatar.

  • Visit Visa to Qatar
  • Tourist Visa to Qatar
  • Family Visa processes to Qatar
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Helpline Group can assist you in your Visa application needs, according to your requirements and goals, as well as in a legally suitable manner to obtain your visa for Qatar

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Qatar Visa Services and Applications

It is important for you to have a basic understanding of what type of visa is required before applying for a visa to Qatar. There are different pre-requisites and requirements associated with each type of visa application. Contact Helpline Group for more information on the visa application process to Qatar.

Qatar Visiting Visa Requirements

Visiting visa is one of the most popular types of visa in Qatar. Qatar is known for its Arabian hospitality values and the quality of life in Qatar is wonderful. There is even a different type of visiting visas to Qatar, which changes in terms of nature, length of stay, applicant status, and who can apply. Helpline Group will assist you in making the best choice.

Work and Business Visa to Qatar

It is relatively easy to obtain work, business, or a transit visa in Qatar if you approach through the right channels and follow the legal requirements. As Qatar is booming, and one shall make an excellent career and future in Qatar, work and business visas have become very popular among people looking forward to moving to Qatar.

Qatar offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and existing business owners. You may opt for a business visa in Qatar. If you are planning to stay in Qatar for some time, or up to 2-3 days, and you want to visit Qatar, you can apply for a Transit visa. There are plenty of visa options available for candidates. Speak to Helpline Group for more details.

Visiting Visa to Qatar for Spouse, Children and Family Members

Since Qatar is a very popular destination for travel for work and leisure, we mostly find people looking for family visiting visa to Qatar. Look no further, Qatar has a dedicated Family Visiting Visa policy in place. People trying to bring their family to Qatar for visiting can now apply for family visa very easily. Children and spouse of the applicant can stay in Qatar for up to six months on a family visiting visa. Other family members may stay up to nine months in Qatar. However, the maximum initial period of these family visiting visa is only nine months and they must be renewed afterwards.

Visiting Visa for Tourists

Qatar is becoming a tourist destination. Beyond the concrete blocks, there are strong opportunities for travel and tourism, and Qatar offers great hospitality. Qatar has many tourist attractions and places of interest. Hence, there are attractive plans to ensure people willing to visit Qatar for travel and tourism needs are able to do that without any hassle. Foreign citizen requires a tourist visa to travel around Qatar. Qatar issues a joint tourist visa to people from 33 alliance countries upon arrival at the boarder. For others, obtaining a tourist visa prior to travel is mandatory.

GCC Resident Visiting Visa and Companion of GCC Citizen

Residents of other GCC states can obtain for a visa upon their arrival at Qatar’s border. These are initially offered with a 14-day validity and can be renewed for another 14 days. Maids and companions travelling with their masters can apply for a companion visa during the process. Please note that such provisions are only provided for residents of the GSS member states.

Other Types of Visiting Visa

Apart from these, there are other types of visa as well. For example, Real Estate visa is applicable to those interested in buying properties in Qatar. Investor Visa, on the other hand, is applicable to people with special interest in investing. Similarly, there are Seamen Visa, Camel Race Visa, and such offered by the country. Most importantly, it is important to report any Newborns to the authorities. Helpline Group is your go-to agency to help you with all these requirements, and for documentation and filing of applications for visa.


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